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The best way to fold a fitted sheet

The best way to fold a fitted sheet

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How to fold a fitted sheet

The ettitude way:


  1. Start with the fitted sheet inside out
  2. Then find a corner with one hand and move your hand along the sheet to find the second corner
  3. Stop and pause at your reflection because it looks like you have wings
  4. Bring the corners together and pinch
  5. Flip the one corner over the other
  6. Swap your hands and use your free hand to find the other corners
  7. Stretch your hands so that the sheet is now in a square
  8. Bring your hands together, pinch and flip
  9. Slide your right hand to the left and smooth out to form an “L” shape
  10. Lay down on flat surface and smooth out (there will be two, neat straight sides)
  11. Fold the long curved side towards the straight side
  12. Fold the top and bottom to hide messy edges
  13. Fold in half
  14. And rejoyce–you are done
  15. The only thing left to do is shop our bedding and sheets.
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