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5 tips for tackling insomnia with Lazy Sunday House

5 tips for tackling insomnia with Lazy Sunday House

Do you suffer from sleep troubles or insomnia? You’re not the only one. Nearly 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia, with 1 in 4 people in the US developing symptoms each year. We sat down (virtually) with Clarisse Stocker of Lazy Sunday House who divulged her top 5 natural and sustainable ways to beat insomnia. 

Lazy Sunday House is a desert gem located in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley. The eco-friendly haven boasts a dazzling display of sun, earth and a plethora of sustainable goodies. It was here that Clarisse finally cracked the code that solved her own personal sleep struggles.

1. Take part in some sleep prep

Preparing yourself for sleep often gets overlooked. You can’t just hit the hay and expect all your work, social and life commitments to disappear in an instant! Clarisse recommends the following tips to slip into sweet serenity at night:

  • Define your sleep hours: the average person needs between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Figure out what works best for your body and stick to that. 
  • Cut out caffeine: if you find that you’re struggling to get to sleep, your 5 pm coffee could be the culprit. Try setting a hard stop for coffee and sugar consumption so that you aren’t wired before bed. 
  • Stop scrolling: devices in bed overstimulate the brain and can hinder your sleep prep. Try setting your phone on Do Not Disturb for certain hours so that you have some dedicated time to wind down. 
  • Free up mental space: “I’ve made a habit at the end of my workday to declutter my mental space by writing down everything that’s on my mind at the time,” Clarisse suggests. This should help you to feel refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. 

2. Slip into comfort 

It’s no secret that your choice of bedding has an impact on your overall sleep experience. “It’s essential to pick breathable sheets that don’t trap heat, in super soft fabric that lulls you into a deep sleep,” says Clarisse. The thermoregulating and cooling benefits of our 100% organic bamboo sheets do just that. Pair our duvet with our duvet cover to finally put those night sweats to bed. 


3. Dress for the occasion

Choosing your OOTD (or in this case, night) is just as important as your weekend attire. “Putting on sleepwear helps send a signal to your brain that it is time to rest,” Clarisse suggests,”‘select sleepwear that is ultra-soft, comfortable [and] non-restrictive”. Opt for our cami and shorties in summer or our long sleeve PJ shirt and matching pants in the cooler seasons to slip into sleep with ease. 

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4. Choose your support system

Are you tired (pun intended) of sleeping stiffly at night? Oftentimes it’s the foundation of your bed that leaves you feeling at least 10 years older in the morning. Choose the right mattress and pillows for your own level of comfort and firmness. Clarisse recommends Avocado’s 100% vegan and non-toxic mattress and their matching pillows for the ultimate support. “I feel supported and comfortable in every sleeping position and I no longer have any pain in my hip or back,” Clarisse raves. Pair these with our 100% organic bamboo mattress and pillow protectors for added comfort and protection. 


5. Set the mood

Tension and stress at bedtime could be attributed to the environment you’re sleeping in. That’s why it’s so important to create a calm and soothing atmosphere so that you can really take your relaxation to the next level. Clarisse indulges in aromatherapy, specifically Muse Apothecary’s organic, vegan and chemical-free pillow mist. It “promotes relaxation and reduces the barrier to sleep,” says Clarisse. 

With its doors now open to welcome travellers and nature lovers, Lazy Sunday House is an eco-friendly haven that enjoys the simple pleasures of sustainability and minimalism. Relish in the comfort of our luxury sheets featured in this desert sanctuary. 

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