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5 Reasons Not to Sleep On Bamboo Everyday

5 Reasons Not to Sleep On Bamboo Everyday

As one of the pioneers in bamboo lyocell cleanbamboo™ bedding, we humbly accept that there are some skeptics who have not tried sleeping on bamboo.
This World Bamboo Day, we came up with five reasons why anyone shouldn’t sleep on bamboo, being the vegan silk that it is.


They think being eco-friendly is overrated.

As a sustainable label, all our bedding products are produced with a closed loop system which recycles and reuses water, they’re also 100% organic, vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. Organic bamboo bedding is also known as the ‘vegan silk’ because of its equally silky smooth texture. While silkworms are killed during the fabrication of silk, bamboo lyocell cleanbamboo™  fabrics achieve the same silky texture from organic bamboo pulp without the need of pesticides and herbicides. Bamboo sheets are also machine washable so you won’t have to spend a dime on dry cleaning anymore.


They despise bargains.

Honestly, we love bargains. That’s why our silky soft bamboo lyocell cleanbamboo™ fabrics are designed in-house and sold online directly to you to eradicate retail markups and keep prices affordable. We also offer a 100-Night Sleep Trial, with a full refund for skeptics who do not believe in affordable luxury and want to go back to sleeping on over-priced scratchy cotton sheets.


They adore frizzy bed hair.

Although we don’t really understand it, we accept that there are people who love spending hours yanking away grumpily at hair brushes while trying to coax tangles out of their hair instead of sleeping in. We simply sleep on silky smooth bamboo fabrics that keep our locks tamed, soft, and tangle-free for a few more luscious hours in bed. 5 more minutes please!


They dislike healthy glowing skin.

Our organic bamboo lyocell cleanbamboo™ bedding are made free from harmful chemicals, irritants, and allergens, and are also hypoallergenic. This makes it extremely good news for people with sensitive skin, or anyone else who dreads signs of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or allergies. As our fabrics are naturally bacteria proof, breathable, and wicks away night sweat, they leave your skin feeling cool and your sleep environment bacteria-free for smooth healthy skin. Unlike cotton fabrics, bamboo sheets do not retain or absorb moisture, in other words, they don’t steal your expensive face cream while you sleep.

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They can’t sleep without being restricted.

Being feather-soft and breathable, our sheets double up as thermo-regulating miracles that keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. As we lie bare on silky soft and smooth sheets, we can’t ever imagine going back to bunched up PJs invading our #bamboobeautysleep.

If you’re a non-eco-friendly type of person who don’t love bargains for luxury products, love waking up with frizzy hard-to-manage hair in the mornings, don’t care for a smooth and radiant complexion, and love being encased in bunched-up restrictive clothing while you sleep, then please do not check out our luxurious heavenly soft organic bamboo fabrics here.

Changing the world – one sleep at a time

The idea for Ettitude struck Phoebe Yu while she was shopping for her new home in Melbourne. Her dream bedding – as soft as silk, as sustainable as hemp, as breathable as linen, but at the price of cotton – did not exist. Now, it does.


Sleep tight, loves, remember to #sleepwithettitude.

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    • Hi Charlotte, our bamboo lyocell fabric is very soft and resilient, it drapes well and the post-wash creases go away as you line dry them flat so not much ironing is needed.

  • You might not be sweating as much in bed as you would on a bike, but Ettitude’s Coffee Bedding Collection (AU $135 Basic King Sheet Set) will still help stave off the night sweats or say, NYC summer heatwaves. This moisture-wicking magic is courtesy the bamboo fibers. Seriously, if you haven’t tried bamboo sheets you need to upgrade now.

  • Stain resistant – Those who love their viscose from bamboo bedding often rave about the fabric’s ability to fight off stains, as well as bacteria. This advantage even extends to warding off stains from oily skin. Of course, this is not universal, and with effort you certainly can stain viscose from bamboo sheets.

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