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Introducing CleanBamboo™

Introducing CleanBamboo™

We created a fabric for this generation, one that is conscious of its environmental footprint without sacrificing quality or softness. CleanBamboo is ettitude’s propriety lyocell fabric manufactured from organic bamboo that is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified farms.

Why CleanBamboo™?

Bamboo is considered a super crop. It requires minimal water to grow and less land area than other crops (like cotton) to thrive. It also removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees, grows rapidly, and can be produced without the use of pesticides. 

However, not all bamboo is created equal. Bamboo fibers such as viscose and rayon use harmful chemicals to break down the bamboo creating hazardous waste. No thank you! 

CleanBamboo is a bamboo fiber and unlike its predecessors, rayon and viscose, is made with non-toxic solvents, requires less energy to produce and uses a closed-loop water system reusing the solvents up to 200 times. This dream fabric, which is not only soft on your skin but also gentle on our planet, is only available from ettitude. 

Meet Bamboo Lyocell.

CleanBamboo™ is our breakthrough fabric. Lyocell made from 100% organic bamboo, this material is cloud-soft, cooling, and sustainable. While traditional lyocell is made from wood, ours is made from bamboo — the most resource-efficient plant on the planet. Experience the difference of this next-gen fabric yourself and check out our sateen bedding and our new sateen loungewear.


This is Bamboo Charcoal 

Together, bamboo charcoal and CleanBamboo are a dynamic duo that safeguards your sheets for long-lasting freshness. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal powder absorbs unwanted odors and wicks away moisture way faster than old-school cotton. Infused with naturally antimicrobial bamboo charcoal, these sheets are proven to reduce bacteria by 99.9% compared to cotton. You literally can’t do better than that. And no need to worry, the charcoal won’t rub off or come off in the wash. Translation: you get fresh-feeling, odor-free sheets that last longer between washes. 


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Say hello Bamboo Twill 

Bamboo Twill is more durable and slightly heavier than our signature CleanBamboo™ Bamboo Lyocell fabric, which uses a silk-like sateen weave. Twill, identified by a diagonal rib or twill line, is a lot like the weave on a pair of jeans–it is tight, short, and very fine. This means it features a plush drape while also maintaining the cooling, breathable, and thermo-regulating benefits we love about Bamboo Lyocell.

Welcome Bamboo Waffle 

Our signature bamboo lyocell is reinvented in luxuriously soft waffle weave bathrobes and towels. Moisture-wicking and fast-drying, these waffle robes and towels are just what you need to create the perfect home spa experience.

Want to learn more about the materials click here.

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