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Should You Make Your Bed Every Morning?

Should You Make Your Bed Every Morning?

Everyone has memories of being told to make their beds by their parents growing up. To be honest, we used to think what is the point when we are getting back in bed later and why does it matter if we are the only one who uses it?

So, is there a good reason to not make your bed past simply being lazy? Lets take a look.

Why you shouldn’t make the bed:

  • To kill dust mites: These little creatures survive in moist conditions so making your bed traps them under the sheets, which will still be moist from when you were asleep. By leaving bed unmade it will help expose the mites to sunlight so dehydrate them killing them.
  • Difficult to get comfortable: Some of us prefer the cocoon style of sleeping where you wrap yourself in your sheets. So if you’re making your bed, you are wasting valuable shut eye pulling your sheets back around you so why bother, right?

Why you should make the bed:

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  • A made bed creates the appearance of a tidy and pulled-together bedroom. It also gives your a sense of accomplishment in the morning.
  • Got pets? Making the bed will help to keep pet hair and smells and drool etc., off your sheets during the day.
  • Tidiness has a calming effect on the brain: It is nice to come home to a made bed especially when you are shattered after a rough day at work or when the kids have been driving you up the wall all day.
  • If you have an unexpected guest, it could be embarrassing to walk into a room with a messy bed.

Unless you have a specific dust mite allergy, a respiratory concern like asthma, or acne problem, it is generally safe to wash your bedsheets every one to two weeks.

How often do you wash your sheets? Let us know!

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