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How to achieve a zen like bedroom in 4 easy steps

How to achieve a zen like bedroom in 4 easy steps

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Our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries. They should be protected from distractions and chaos. But often our bedrooms feel like a cluttered multi-purpose room. You eat there. You work out there. You do crafts there. And on occasion, you sleep there. We are often in awe of the zen like bedrooms that fill our Instagram feed and Pinterest boards. And if you are like us, then you want to bring a small piece of this tranquility into your own bedroom—and we are here to help you do it. Bonus, all these simple bedroom decorating tips can be completed without a hammer and nails. 

1. Go monochromatic

Take a look at those Pinterest boards and you will notice a theme. They are likely all very monochromatic. For many this evokes imagery of white and off white. But monochromatic doesn’t mean beige. In fact, as an adjective it means ‘containing or using one color’. When decorating, we actually prefer the physics definition: of a single wavelength or frequency. Monochromatic decorating is about how the color palette makes you feel, how it transmits you into your very own oasis. So if neutrals don’t appeal to you, you can still achieve harmony. 

2. Bring the outside in

There is a reason why you instantly feel more relaxed when you go on a hike. Even a walk around the block can be a mood lifter. 

“Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.”


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 This doesn’t mean you have to decorate your whole room with plants, but we don’t hate that idea. A vase full of sand or a bedroom set made of reclaimed wood can also be a sustainable way to accomplish this. We also love the idea of using your sheets to compliment your nature theme. Our Sand, Sage and Cloud Signature Sateen Sheet Sets are aptly named and evoke elements of the outdoors.

3. Get picky about decor

There is a reason we love watching shows like Tidying Up, Hoarders and Get Organized with the Home Edit—we humans are attracted to minimalism. And it is not hard to see why. Going minimal means cleaning and spending less and is even linked to lowering stress levels! 

However, the execution of this principle is not so easy. It is hard to part with our things. And sometimes, they comfort us. The perfect robe. A blanket from childhood. These elements evoke feelings of calm. But often we keep things in our bedrooms that make us feel anything but calm—laundry, returns, a pile of notecards, dirty dishes. These things represent to-do lists and that is the opposite of zen. 

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ettitude ambassador and author of ‘A Zero Waste Family’, Anita Vandyke (@rocket_science), suggests a minimalist approach that involves getting “rid of all the unnecessary items in your room and keeping the things you love and use. Your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment.” 


Minimal Monochromatic Bedroom

4. Remove the cords (add plants!)

Hear us out! Would it be so bad to have your zen bedroom free of your exes last ski trip (Instagram) or your bosses asking you to file your TPS report (computer)? Even your beloved kindle could be better suited for another room. Instead, try adding in some of those thoughtfully curated minimalist items that bring you joy. Maybe there is a candle you love, a plant that makes you smile, an aromatherapy diffuser you have been wanting to try or a favorite eye mask. The more unplugged you can get, the better.

Bedroom with focal plant

Your zen inspired bedroom might not look like the next and that is great! Try one of these or all four of these tips to create your very own zen aesthetic. You might also want to try these sleep hacks. Sweet (zen-filled) dreams.

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