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Why Our Customers Choose Bamboo Bedding While Undergoing Chemo

Why Our Customers Choose Bamboo Bedding While Undergoing Chemo

Cancer is a horrible thing to go through. Thankfully, patients can find some small relief with bamboo bed sheets and bamboo clothing. The sheets and clothing offer comfort that rivals true silk. Not only that, but bamboo offers several great benefits to those who use the material.
“We have loved using bamboo sheets for a while, but they were priceless when my husband was undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He couldn’t stand the feeling of ordinary sheets or pillow cases (even the expensive ones), so the bamboo sheets got a real workout. Cannot say enough good things about them!”

“Everyone in my family has ettitude bamboo sheets and pillow slips now; we can’t sleep on cotton sheets. Brilliant for chemotherapy patients, too.”

Patients and their families love the bamboo sheets and bedding. It offers key benefits over other materials:

  • Keeps warm
  • Gets airflow to keep cool when hot
  • Wicks moisture away during night sweats
  • Keeps dry

Receive the most out of the bamboo material by wearing bamboo clothing and sleeping with all bamboo bedding. The material keeps the body warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. It will also keep the body dry during night sweats and cold sweats. This is due to the bamboo fiber’s wicking abilities. The bamboo absorbs the sweat and then pulls it away from the body to evaporate.

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Our customers love our bamboo bedding and clothing. The bamboo offers many advantages over other textiles and is eco-friendly. It is recommended by many healthcare professionals.

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