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Organic Crib Sheets: Keeping Your Baby Safe From Industrial Chemicals

Organic Crib Sheets: Keeping Your Baby Safe From Industrial Chemicals

A growing body of research suggests a link between common anti-wrinkle chemicals in bedding and the development of chronic disease. One of the most commonly used chemicals in cotton and polyester sheets – formaldehyde – has less than great reputation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen under conditions of prolonged exposure, and it is believed to possibly cause respiratory diseases. For newborns, the long term health risk may be magnified.  


Learning about the risks, many parents resort to organic crib sheets and bedding, but here lies a problem too: the organic label doesn’t guarantee that no harsh chemicals were added in the manufacturing process. In fact, formaldehyde is commonly used in organically labeled sheet products (especially in the lower end of the market.)

How to look for safe beddings for a newborn?

When buying beddings for a newborn (and for yourself,) one of the first things to look for is a residue-free certification. At Ettitude, we are proud to carry the Oeko-Tex standard certification that ensures that no chemical residue is left at the end product. Another thing to check for is the type of chemicals used in the production process. For example, in the bamboo fabric category, there are many ways to dissolve the material into fabric. Some companies are using harsh chemicals and others are using organic solvent (as in all of the Ettitude fabrics.)


We encourage you to engage in deep research before buying bedding for yourself and your newborn. After all, you will spend a third of your life in bed and it might as well be as healthy as possible.

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While there are other quality sheet makers, we invite you to check out our brand new babies collections. It’s a cozy, feathery soft, and healthy experience no baby can refuse.

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