Colour Therapy: 5 Trendy Bedroom Colours For Better Sleep

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with, whether through the clothes we wear, the décor we select for our homes, or indeed, our bed sheets, say a lot about who we are as people. Bright, vivid colours suggest a bright vivid personality, whereas dark, moody, or neutral colours often seem to suggest the opposite.

But colours are not only a representation of what’s going on inside each of us, they also have a remarkable impact on what goes on inside us. Colours can change the way we feel about a place or even ourselves, influencing our moods and dispositions. Believe it or not, some colours can even help calm us and put us to sleep. Don’t believe it? Here’s the five colours science says are best for those wanting a restful night.

1. Blue

According to a 2013 study by British hotel chain Travelodge, people who have blue bedrooms get the most sleep at night. The study claimed those dozing off in blue-coloured rooms get seven hours and 52 minutes per night, which is 12 minutes longer than yellow, which came in second.

Interestingly, the study not only found that blue promotes longer sleep, 58 percent of study participants found that sleeping in a blue bedroom had them waking up feeling happy. Of course, this may have something to do with the fact that they just got a full night’s rest.

2. Yellow

Okay, so blue isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re the type of person who’s looking for something a little brighter and a tad chirpier. That’s okay, because yellow came in close to blue in the study. According to Travelodge, those with yellow bedrooms slept for seven hours and 40 minutes, which is just 20 minutes shy of that perfect eight hours.

One interior designer told The Huffington Post that a soft “buttery kind of creamy colour with a little yellow tone” is a good option for those looking to improve their sleep patterns but who aren’t big fans of blue or green and are looking for something a little more mellow. Just make sure you choose a light, calming tone and not a bright fluoro yellow.

3. Green

Not big on yellow or blue? Consider green, which trailed slightly behind yellow. According to the Travelodge study, when sleeping in a green-coloured room, you can expect to reap seven hours and 36 minutes’ worth of that eight hours we all crave. What’s more, 21 percent of those who slept in green rooms reported waking up feeling upbeat and positive.

Whatever you do, just don’t go with purple, which came in dead last. Despite purple being commonly associated with luxury and even creativity, participants reportedly slept for just five hours and 56 minutes when snuggling into their fresh bamboo sheets in purple rooms. In second- and third-last place were brown and purple, who fared only slightly better in terms of total time slept.

4. Silver

Speaking of luxury, silver is commonly associated with the high life. After all, one often thinks of silver dinnerware and silver platters when thinking about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. But silver has a lot more going for it as an interior design motif than simply reminding you of wealth and luxury.

Participants in Travelodge’s study who slept in silver-coloured rooms reportedly slept for seven hours and 33 minutes a night. Interestingly, those with a silver bedroom décor actually claimed they are more motivated to exercise in their bedroom, when compared to other participants. Want to feel rested and stay active? Ask your interior designer for a sterling bedroom.


5. Orange

Orange is a bright, vivid, and overall happy colour commonly associated with joy, sunshine, summertime, and the tropics. Some will even tell you orange is a symbol for enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and stimulation. And according to the Travelodge study participants, it’s pretty good if you want to feel rested in the morning, too.

Thinking of painting your bedroom orange to represent your determination and creativity? Expect to start getting about seven hours and 28 minutes of rest per night. Whilst not as much as blue or yellow-painted bedrooms, orange still seems to pack a hypnagogic punch, though it may not necessarily motivate you to start doing more exercise. Don’t forget to chuck some orange on your bed sheets too.

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