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All About Nappuccino

All About Nappuccino

When life is a grind, a cup of fine ground medium roast coffee may be your best friend. Or it could be a refreshing power nap. But how about mixing the two together with the trending nappuccino? It’s the best of both worlds!

What is Nappuccino?

Nappuccino is a “life hack” made by and for busy professionals. In a nutshell it is simply drinking coffee and then taking a power nap. The goal is to wake up energized and ready to get things done!

Napping has long been proven to increase awareness, cognitive function, and mood. It is a major player in good sleep health. Coffee not only gives you that jolt of energy, but is proven to increase cognitive functions and packs a powerful punch of antioxidants.

Phoebe Yu, Ettitude’s founder, is one proponent of the nappuccino. When asked about her fondness for the nappuccino Phoebe said, “It just works.” We’ll take her word for it as she runs her business while routinely travelling across the globe from Australia, to China, to the USA on a mission to make the most sustainable, soft, and comfortable bed sheets.

But Why Does it Work? Symbiosis!

First you need to know about adenosine – a chemical compound that causes drowsiness. Caffeine gives you that “jolt” feeling by hijacking the adenosine receptors in your brain, blocking actual adenosine molecules from attaching.  

Now here’s the magic of the nappuccino: while you sleep your brain naturally clears your adenosine receptors and caffeine takes about 20 minutes to metabolize. So during your power nap your brain is clearing the adenosine receptors and creating the perfect landing spot for all those caffeine molecules. The caffeine will “lock in” right as you are waking up – the perfect jump start.

Who knew power napping and coffee would have such a symbiotic relationship?

How to Nappuccino?

Step 1: Set a peaceful mood

Find a good time and space where you can fall asleep for a quick power nap. For most people this is in the afternoon, about 7 hours after starting the day. Make a peaceful, quiet environment. An Ettitude sleep mask may be of help!

Step 2: Make coffee and indulge

We love grinding Blue Stone Lane’s Brooklyn Collection , or the Minispresso from Pod & Parcel. Drink and enjoy! Just remember caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in, so drink right before your siesta.

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Step 3: Set an alarm

The optimal nap time is between 10 and 20 minutes, any more than this and you’ll enter deeper sleep. Pro tip: set a soothing sound on your phone to wake up to and get energized.

Step 4: repeat

Building that nappuccino ritual into your afternoon can boost the benefit from the nap. Get your body accustomed to the sequence and ready to recharge.


This sleep health article is part of our Sleep Awareness Week series, be sure to check our Instagram – @ettitudestore – for special announcements and giveaways. 

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