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A True Beauty Sleep

A True Beauty Sleep

We absolutely love sleep, in fact, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, and that’s why we all deserve to treat ourselves to top quality bedsheets. Why choose organic bamboo sheets, you may ask.
Well, the answer is obvious. It’s free from harmful chemicals, heavenly smooth and soft.

But what you might know aware of, are the bonus beauty benefits that sleeping on organic bamboo lyocell could bring you.

#1: Smooth, Healthy Hair

Let’s be real. No sleep can actually be called beauty sleep if it starts you off with a bad hair day. Cotton , linen or flannel cause more friction on hair over time and create breakage. These fabrics also create static that can cause your hair to become frizzy or tangled. On a silky smooth and feathery soft bamboo pillow case, however, hair will slide and stay smooth throughout the night. The luxurious fabric will also help preserve your blow dry for an extra day or two!

#2: Soft, Clear Skin

Our bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic, naturally bacteria resistant, and moisture-wicking, leaving your skin cool and free from night sweat in a healthy sleep environment.

Unlike cotton and other linens that are heavily processed with harmful chemicals, bleach and pesticides, our organic bamboo lyocell bedding is made without any nasty chemicals, it is gentle on sensitive skin including acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

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The tightly-woven, fine fibers of organic bamboo also help keep moisture close to your skin and help it stay hydrated so you will wake up with healthy, glowing skin every morning.

We want you to have the best sleep you can possibly have, and be as healthy and beautiful as you can possibly be, so come crawl in bed with us, we’ll show you the difference sleeping on organic bamboo lyocell can really make for you.



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