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Perfect Reasons to Stay in Bed All Day Short

Perfect Reasons to Stay in Bed All Day Short

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We’ve all had days where we have to drag ourselves out of bed only to find that the distance to the front door grew a few miles longer overnight. On those too-sick-to-move (what we really mean is “too-comfy-to-move”) or stay-home days, we have plenty of good reasons why you should just give in and stay in bed.
Here’s one reason for every hour you have to work today:


#9. Beds & blankets are COMFY

  • Notice how your bed is solely yours? The way it curves gently where you lie on it every night in a nest of blankets? No other bed feels as comfy as the one you’ve had for years.


#8. No judging

  • Your bed and blankets never expect anything from you. They are the best friends you never had through any dream, both good and otherwise.


#7. No skills required

  • You don’t need a PhD to find the Sandman. Just some comfy blankets will do!


#6. No clothes required either

  • Your bed is the only place you can lie down comfortably dressed in your birthday suit without having to worry about a lawsuit for indecent exposure. Time for more #bamboobeautysleep!


#5. It’s environmentally friendly

  • Ever heard of tracking your carbon footprints? For the days we stay in bed, our readings are practically non-existent. Footprints for sale, anyone?


#4. You can do most things on it

  • Coupled with the internet, your bed is the best spot in the home. Be it cuddling your pillows, watching movies / TV, reading a book, snoozing, working, or taking a day off to catch up on all your social media feeds, we wouldn’t pick anywhere else to be at rather than in bed.


#3. Everything can be delivered

  • Nowadays, there are delivery services for everything. You name it, they have it. Food? Yes. Clothes? Yes. Shopping? Yes. Bamboo bedsheets? OF COURSE!


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#2. Life never falls apart in bed

  • Think about all the bad days you’ve ever had; angry clients, angry bosses, stepping on poop, staining your clothes, people who take their frustrations out on you for something you did or didn’t do… Those days never happened when we stayed in bed.


#1. Bed-sweet-bed

  • Why bother dragging yourself up just to squirm back under those comfy blankets at the end of the day? Unless nature calls…


For all these reasons and more, take a break, have a laugh, and remember to #sleepwithettitude.



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