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Why organic bamboo sheets?

Why organic bamboo sheets?

Organic bamboo sheets are good for your health and kind to the environment, here’s why:

Why Organic Bamboo ?

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It’s the fastest regenerating plant in the world, growing as quickly as 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period.

Bamboo can be selectively harvested every year after 7 years – this compares to 30 to 50 years for trees. It also regenerates without needing to be replanted. This means bamboo has a much higher increase in biomass than trees, for example – 10-30% versus 2-5%, which means that bamboo can yield 20 times more timber than trees over the same area.

Bamboo tolerates extremes of drought and drowning, produces 40% more oxygen than a hardwood forest on the same amount of land and plays an important role by maintaining the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Because of its wide spread root system and large canopy, bamboo greatly reduces rain run off, which helps to prevent soil erosion.

Bamboo is also “naturally organic”. Bamboo grows like a weed (anyone with bamboo in their yard can confirm this fact!) and doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation to help it on its way. This gives it a big eco advantage over cotton, which requires the intensive use of pesticides & irrigation.

Bamboo helps mitigate water pollution because of its high nitrogen consumption. For this reason, bamboo is a great solution for the uptake of waste water from manufacturing, livestock farming and sewage treatment.

The Benefits of Organic Bamboo Sheets

It’s feathery soft and comfortable – Bamboo textiles are very smooth with a natural sheen and silky texture. Bamboo yarn is much finer than cotton yarn; we use the finest bamboo lyocell yarn which gives our products a light and feathery soft feeling. Our bamboo fabric is 300 thread count, which is an equivalent of 1000 thread count fine cotton sheet.

It is breathable – Bamboo fabric can adjust to your body temperature. It has millions of micro gaps in the fibre, making it thermoregulating. These micro gaps also make bamboo sheets much more breathable than any fine cotton sheet, meaning you stay cooler and more comfortable in summer. In winter, bamboo fabric warm you up quickly but at the same time allowing more air between the fabric and your skin, preventing overheating.

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It is hypo-allergenic & naturally antimicrobial – Bamboo fibres are favoured by many of those who are allergic to dust mites. When cotton sheets heat up they retain more moisture than bamboo sheets which creates the perfect environment for bacteria. Tests have shown bed mites can form on cotton sheets just hours after lying on them, but bamboo will inhibits the growth of bed mites like nothing else can, leaving your sheets fresh and odour-free for much longer than cotton sheets. Most people find they only need to wash their bamboo sheets half as much as cotton sheets – less work for you and better for the environment as well!

It is the vegan and animal-friendly choice for luxury  Unlike silk or cashmere, bamboo sheets are made cruelty-free – you can sleep peacefully knowing no animals were harmed while enjoying your comfy bamboo sheets.

Why Ettitude?

All of Ettitude’s bamboo sheets are made from 100% pure organic bamboo lyocell. The quality of our fabrics is certified by OCIA, USDA, FSC and Okeo Tex 100 standard. Read more about Ettitude’s Bamboo Organic certification.

Here’s a short video explaining all the benefits of a #sleepwithettitude

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