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6 Ways to Shop Sustainably

6 Ways to Shop Sustainably

6 ways to shop sustainably

Before we go out and mindlessly splurge on buying more “stuff”, it’s important to consider the environment in our decisions. But how do we start making more sustainable shopping choices? 

It’s easier than you think, but like any new habit, shopping more sustainably takes commitment and practice. Here are 6 simple things to ponder before hitting that ‘buy now’ button. 


1. Necessary or not

Before buying on impulse or out of habit, ask yourself; do I really need this? Discerning needs from wants is the first step to being a conscious consumer.

2. Avoid certain fabrics

Many fabrics simply aren’t good for us, or the planet. The most environmentally harmful materials include polyester, acrylic, viscose rayon, and conventional cotton. Do your part by picking earth-friendly fabrics, like CleanBamboo™️ and hemp, over cheap environmentally damaging ones. 

3. Rethink “cheap” 

While low price tags are alluring, they often come at the expense of people and the planet. Look for brands offering transparency along the entire supply chain to find out if products are fairly-made or not. We recommend watching the documentary ‘The True Cost’ to learn more. 

4. Look for certifications

Globally recognized ethical certifications show that a brand has made a commitment to sustainability. Look for certified organic materials (e.g. EcoCert), products made from FSC certified forests, and OEKO-TEX® certification. And yes, ettitude proudly carries all of these certifications.

5. Brand clues

Find clues to reveal a company’s stance on sustainability. Brands that are serious about the environment will proudly share this on an about page or through environmental giving. Our fave way to give back is through 1% For The Planet. 

 6. Plan ahead  

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, shipping emissions are set to rise. Think ahead and do your gift shopping early, from a few trusted retailers, to avoid multiple carbon-heavy expedited shipping.


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That’s it! Before hitting ‘add to cart’ take a moment to pause and consider the ethics behind the product. These 6 shopping habits are simple, yet have the power to influence a more sustainable future for all. 


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”
– Howard Zinn


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