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Top 6 sustainable holiday gifts for 2022

Top 6 sustainable holiday gifts for 2022

Sustainable gift sets and bundles made from bamboo

Is it possible to gift sustainably? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Shopping sustainably for the holiday season requires us to rethink our gifting game plan.

Gifting can add to over-consumption (especially if it’s something we don’t need or want). But, we can lessen our impact by shopping more thoughtfully. And with the right gift, you can also help support the health of our planet. 

How can you guarantee that a gift is actually eco-friendly? By supporting conscious brands that show their commitment to people and the planet—none of that greenwashing nonsense. Here at ettitude, we’re a proud B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified, and we donate 1% of all sales to non-profits. 

To help make your gift shopping a breeze, we’ve rounded up the best gifts that give back to the planet and your loved ones. Here’s our 2022 list of ettitude’s best sustainable gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Best for the planet: Wellness Kit

Got an especially earth-conscious person in mind? Look no further than the bamboo Wellness Kit. Out of all our sustainable products, the Wellness Kit uses the least amount of CO2 at just 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg). 

This lightweight, convenient kit comes with everything they’ll need for a relaxing night at home. Not to mention, it’s a great budget-friendly gift, sitting under $100. 

What’s in the Wellness Kit:

  • One Pillowcase
  • One Eye Mask with a wide elastic band for maximum comfort
  • One freezer-safe eye pillow filled with organic lavender and wheat 


2. For the best rest: Signature Bedding Bundle

Gift your loved one the shortcut to their comfiest, deepest sleep yet (aka our Signature Bedding Bundle). Like all of our 100% bamboo bedding, this bedding bundle feels seriously soft and performs in bed. You don’t need to take our word for it—SleepSpace proved it in their recent sleep study.

The study found our carbon neutral CleanBamboo™ sheets are scientifically proven to help you:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Stay asleep longer
  • Wake up feeling more alert

What’s in the Signature Bedding Bundle:

  • One Duvet Cover
  • One Fitted Sheet
  • One Flat Sheet
  • One Pillowcase Set


3. Best all-rounder: Lounge Around Bundle

The perfect gift for your mother-in-law, BFF, and sister (or yourself). The Lounge Around Bundle combines style, comfort, and sustainability all in one silky-soft package. Made from breathable CleanBamboo, our loungewear is light, flowy, and made to go from bed to brunch. 

These vegan silk pieces also use 45% less CO2 and 98% less water than cotton apparel. So, you can look good and feel good sashaying around in this set. P.S. They’re 100% machine-washable to take the guessing game out of laundry day.

What’s in the Lounge Around Bundle:

  • One Sateen Short Sleeve Shirt
  • One pair of Sateen Shorts 

4. For the best at-home pamper: Self-care Session Bundle

Gift the clean and conscious bather in your life the Self-care Session Bundle—a luxuriously soft and gentle trio of CleanBamboo must-haves. Featuring our lush and quick-drying waffle bath essentials, this eco-friendly gift makes for the ultimate at-home spa session. 

What’s in the Self-care Session Bundle:

  • One Bathrobe
  • One Eye Mask
  • One Hair Towel


5. The best value gift: Top It Off Bundle

Top off their space with our bedding best sellers in a range of dreamy, nature-inspired hues. Bonus points if you match the duvet cover and pillowcase colors with their bedroom aesthetic. 

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Beauty Sleep Bundle includes eye mask, pillowcase set and scrunchie set.

This bundle is a great entry point for those new to the lighter, more sustainable side of bamboo bedding. They won’t go back to their stuffy old cotton bedding after bundling up with these—or so our 15,000 five-star reviews say.

What’s in the Top It Off Bundle:

  • One Duvet Cover
  • One Pillowcase Set


6. The #1 best seller: Signature Sateen Sheet Set

Help them refresh their bed with layers of light, dreamy bamboo. Breathable and oh so soft, the Sateen Sheet Set is a cult-favorite. So, you know they’re guaranteed to love this luxurious, eco-friendly gift. Plus, it’s 24% faster at wicking away sweat and has 17% better temp-regulation for truly comfortable (and sweat-free) sleep. We don’t call it a best seller for nothin’.

What’s in the Signature Sateen Sheet Set:

  • One Pillowcase Set
  • One Fitted Sheet
  • One Flat Sheet


How to make the holiday season less wasteful

Many of us want to approach the holiday season a little more thoughtfully. Choosing gifts consciously goes a long way to reducing our impact, especially if they benefit the earth. But, there are more habits we can change to make the holiday season as earth-friendly as impossible.

From sustainable Christmas tree alternatives to cloth gift-wrapping, here are 10 ways to make the holidays more sustainable.

Written by Gracyn Willoughby

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