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The best gifts for every zodiac sign

The best gifts for every zodiac sign

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Astrologers and TikTokers everywhere say that you can tell everything about a person just by what’s written in the stars, but can they tell you the perfect gift? We think so!

With the holiday season fast approaching and your gifting list growing immensely, you may begin to feel stumped on what to get that one person. Why not try a different approach? Here is our gift guide for the star signs so that you can get your favorite Aries, Pisces or Leo friend something they’d feel at home with. 


Word on the street says Aries are the most fiery fire sign out there – and they’ve got the style to match. Their confidence and independence is complemented by bright colors and contemporary styling. We can see them sleeping nicely in our duvet cover in Canyon.


Grounded and reliable with a taste for the finer things in life (are we right?). We already know their bedroom is filled with soft lines and luxurious touches, so no need to sacrifice comfort for style with our sateen robe in Onyx.  


Haters don’t give our beloved Geminis enough credit! They’re perceptive, analytical and incredibly sociable. We can tell they’re already indecisive when it comes to choosing the perfect shade, so why not have both? Our duvet cover in Slate Stripes is the perfect combination between dark hues and calming neutrals. 


A sensitive, intuitive and loyal soul. When Cancers aren’t dealing with their emotions 24/7, you can be sure they’re relaxing in comfort and style. Their home is likely filled with personal and sentimental mementos to keep them grounded, so they should rest easy in our sateen sleep shirt in Cloud.


Always the life of the party, you can count on a Leo to bring warm and positive vibes anywhere. They’re always the center of attention, so it should come as no surprise to learn that their home would be too! Have your Leo friend feeling lavish in our sheet set in Canyon.


When they’re not organizing their home and filling out their daily planner, they’re definitely making their bed in the most perfect way possible! Virgos are perfectionist with a love for clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic – nothing gets cleaner than CleanBamboo. We know they’d love the crispness of our duvet cover in Cloud


They’re spontaneous, compassionate and incredibly intuitive. Libras are drawn to the mixture of elegant and contemporary accents. They’re known for being cozy literally at all times, so our cami & shortie in Ocean would be the perfect set for them to lounge in. 


Mysterious Scorpio – they’re honest, passionate and independent. They would thrive in a space with moody interiors and mid-century modern touches, as deeper hues are what make them feel at home. We think they’d sleep easier in our sheet set in Slate.

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They’re known for being optimistic, curious and adventurous. That’s why we can see them in a relaxed, boho-chic space filled with thriving plants and books to keep them inspired while they chill. The perfect gift? Our duvet cover in Sand.


No one loves zen more than a Capricorn. Personality wise, they’re persistent, realistic and super practical. They would thrive the most in a home with well-made furniture, repurposed items and earthy tones to keep them feeling cozy. Dress them well and allow them to feel comfy in our PJ pants and shirt in Cloud. 


The most humanitarian sign of all, Aquarians are rational, carefree and loving. Like us, they have an appreciation for nature and love to be surrounded by modern art and unusual pieces, as reflected by their home space! They’re attracted to soothing tones, so our duvet cover in Ocean would be their best companion. 


They’re creative and imaginative individuals who are known to be the most sympathetic out of all their friends. A coastal home with minimal styling and a relaxed vibe would set the perfect atmosphere for them to remain mindful and cozy. They can lounge in luxury with our sheet set in Sky

There’s nothing like getting the perfect gift just right. Shop all gifts now!

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