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Sustainable, useful and unique gifts for moms to be

Sustainable, useful and unique gifts for moms to be

Hooded waffle baby towel

Giving a gift to a new mom or dad is arguably one of the most important gifts you can give. It signifies the welcoming of new life. And if we are being honest, it also helps comfort someone when they might be feeling out of sorts. 

However, as a gift giver, it can be overwhelming–diapers, thermometers, baby room decor, pacifiers, breast pumps, bibs and so much more. It’s hard to find a gift that says, “I’m unique, useful and sustainable.” So let’s chat about how we can bring comfort, sustainability and an abundance of love to the soon-to-be parent in your life.

First comes love, self love that is

Boob bras

Expecting parents are experiencing about a million emotions and changes. And as the body goes through these changes it can be hard to love yourself. For moms that fit squarely into the itty bitty titty committee some of those changes might be welcomed. Hello C-Cup! However, sizing up a bra size or two isn’t fun for all. Treat both types of women to Boob. Made from eco-friendly materials, Boob bras are also OEKO-TEX certified and committed to sustainability from concept to execution. With Boob, the mama to be will continue to feel herself long after her body starts changing. Pair this with an ettitude waffle robe for the ultimate comfort gift during a time of change. And if you are feeling extra generous, pick up a waffle robe for the co-parent as well. It’s not easy being a supportive soon-to-be parent!

Then comes reality

Mushie meal set

Before long, panic sets in and it is no longer about the parents to be and way more about the baby to come. Finding useful gifts for a first time mom can be daunting. We’ve all stood in Target looking at the baby aisle thinking, “But what will they use the most?” Enter Mushie. Started by husband and wife duo Mushie and Levi Feigenson, Mushie boasts of everyday essentials that will be used many times over. We adore all of their toys. And you cannot go wrong with any of the meal time gift sets. Did we mention that all of their products are BPA- and lead free? Your new mom will use these gifts over and over, guilt free. And speaking of things that get used a lot, towels! You can never have too many towels and ettitude’s hooded baby waffle towel is not only practical but also oh so cute. 

Then comes the baby in the bamboo carriage  

Nursery room

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Every single night, the soon to be parent will tuck in their little one and think of you. That’s of course if you get them a crib fitted sheet pack made of the dreamiest, most sustainably silky, hypoallergenic material—CleanBamboo™. ettitude’s signature sateen crib sheets come in a variety of colors that you can mix and match. And if you want to pamper the little one even more, you can layer the crib with a mattress protector made of recycled water bottles. Just imagine their little head resting on the fabric of our future. 

That’s not all. . .

Some things are just meant to be unique. It’s that perfect gift. The one that every friend at the baby shower wishes they would have gifted. And while we can’t claim to know your situation, we have been to a few baby showers, and here are the best gifts we have seen:

  • A symbolic wildlife adoption: For the animal loving parent, this makes a stuffed bear look like child’s play.
  • Plant a tree: We once saw a friend gift this in memory of a grandparent. 
  • Pamper them: And we don’t mean diapers. Get them an ettitude eye mask for sleepless nights or lavender essential oils to calm nerves. 
  • Ditch the diaper cake: Sure it looks great at the shower, but at 2 am no one wants to untangle a mess of diapers. Instead, gift a Dyper subscription. This bamboo diaper alternative is sustainable and eco friendly. They even have a program to help you compost your diapers! 
  • Feed the family (and support local restaurants): A gift card to a favorite local restaurant once set an expecting mom into labor. Joking, kinda—pregnancy cravings are real.

If the soon to be parents are thinking about the future, and let’s face it, the future just became really important to them, they will be thoroughly impressed that you bought sustainably. Whether it is comforting, useful or unique your attention to what really matters will not be lost.

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