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Nine Ways to celebrate Mom this year

Nine Ways to celebrate Mom this year

Creating comfort from near and far this Mother’s Day




Brunch reservations, canceled. Spa appointments, postponed. School made treats, non-existent. Due to Covid circumstances, Mother’s Day may look different this year. Some people have boomeranged and are finding themselves back home with their Mother. Others are 6-feet apart and still, many more are only able to connect virtually. 

Whatever your circumstances, don’t give up on the woman who never gives up on you. We’ve compiled a lot of alternative activities intended to enrich your socially-distanced Mother’s Day. No matter how far away you may physically be, this list is meant to connect and comfort you and your family.

Sweat it out together

Nothing is more bonding or stress-busting than a good sweat sesh.  

  1. Get zen with Mom (and your wallet) with this BOGO deal from The Studio (MDR). Simply purchase any class for this Sunday and email to get Mom on the VIP list.
  2. Denise and Katie Austin are the mother-daughter duo you need to sweat with. Yes, that Denise Austin. Her daughter is just as peppy and awesome. Join them live on Instagram at 9am PST this Sunday @popsugarfitnesss for a true family workout.
  3. Can’t find exactly what you or your Mom are looking for? Here’s a very comprehensive list of workout options from MindBody

You are going to need a shower after this much sweat. Afterward, dry off and relax by wrapping yourself in our Bamboo Lyocell Waffle Towels and Bathrobes. You and Mom earned it.


Try something new
Virtually get out of your box—which for most of us is currently our home. 

  1. Netflix watch party! Get mom the gift that has kept you going during the quarantine. Start her off right by introducing her to binge-worthy shows with a strong female lead such as VEEP, Jessica Jones or Parks and Recreation. Or invite the kids to watch and share cartoons you used to watch as a kid. #ScoobyDooForever
  2. Take “Mom Juice” to the next level and hang out with a real sommelier. P.S. She is a woman and pretty cool. 
  3. Take her to a concert. Seriously. Give her a break from this world with a Cello Meditation Concert. 

Even when trying something new, you needn’t be uncomfortable. Our soft as silk CleanBamboo™ sleepwear looks nice enough for a night out but is perfect for an afternoon in with Mom.

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One for me, one for you

Support small businesses, and give her (and maybe you) a treat.  

  1. Get it delivered. Surprise her with a meal from her favorite hot spot that she can no longer frequent. If possible call the restaurant directly to place your order. If not, GrubHub is also a great option. Pro Tip: read our blog about ‘Leveling up breakfast in bed.’ 
  2. We are biased, but you cannot go wrong with an ettitude gift card. Think about all the times Mom made your bed, tucked you in or laid with you when you weren’t feeling well. What a beautiful way to give back some of the comforts she gave you. 
  3. Flowers may feel too traditional. But many local flower shops are struggling right now. Brighten Mom’s day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or if you want something more sustainable, try a plant such as an orchid or peace lily. 


And if all else fails, call, text, FaceTime, send a carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or even a kind thought to Mom. And maybe on your next walk, take the time to just smile (behind your mask) and wave to anyone you pass. You never know who might be missing someone and with a simple nod, you could bring that person the same comfort you hope to bring Mom.

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