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Gifts for Vegans Guide – Ettitude Picks

Gifts for Vegans Guide – Ettitude Picks

The vegan population is growing fast – and all signs show that we are in transition towards a plant-based world. 


Graph showing the usage of word "vegan" trending substantially. More than "vegetarian" or "gluten free"

(Interest in veganism is growing – this chart shows usage of the word “vegan” steadily growing)

When we started developing our eco-friendly “vegan silk” we were on a mission to recreate the feeling of silk, but without the use of animals, toxic chemicals, or environmental damage. It is never easy to live without compromise, but we worked hard to create and source one of the most ethical fabrics on the planet. 

This guide features gift ideas with high ethical, environmental and health standards. (PS: do you have a giftable vegan product and want to be featured here? Please email

Top Vegan Gifts for Christmas and Holidays 2019

Plant-Based Cookbook 

Kitchen time is exciting, and making plant-based meals at home can be both creative and delicious. Some of our favorites are – 

Kitchen Gear

A master chef uses the best tools. Some kitchen gear opens up new possibilities, particularly for the experimental vegan. 

  • InstantPot is wonderful for quick rice, beans, and even vegan yogurt (make sure the model you get has a yogurt function.) 
  • Vitamix can turn anything into liquid or powder, which means you can make cashew milk in seconds and your own almond flour. It’s not cheap, but the made-in-America blender lasts a lifetime and has been the professional industry standard for almost a century. 

Vegan “Imitation” Fabrics 

Vegan silk product. 

Made from bamboo, “vegan silk” is a great alternative to conventional silk – which requires the death of around 5,500 silkworms to create just 2.2lbs (1kg) of silk. It is hypoallergenic, breathable and thermo-regulating. Check out some vegan silk Pajamas, vegan silk Robes and vegan silk sheet sets by Ettitude

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Beauty Sleep Bundle includes eye mask, pillowcase set and scrunchie set.

Down-Alternative products.  

Try a down-alternative coat made from recycled polyester by Save The Duck. Light and practical, this coat is wearable in any season. Or check out Ettitude’s down alternative bamboo comforter. With thermo-regulating properties, this luxurious and cozy comforter will keep you warm but not sweaty. It comes in a heavier winter weight and a lighter summer weight, so that you can get the best night’s sleep whether it’s hot or cold.

Vegan leather 

As technology improves and R&D progresses, the quality and eco-friendliness of vegan leather imitations also improves. Vegan leather is often indistinguishable from animal-based leather. You can find some beautiful handbags and even designer leather shoes made from pineapples, by Belgium designer Rombout! Piñatex is a natural leather-like material made from pineapple that is biodegradable and is gaining popularity. 


Care for more ideas? Please come back for more gift ideas, and check out our instagram at @ettitudestore for v-inspiration. 

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