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Sleep Smarter and Healthier with Bamboo Coffee Bedding

Sleep Smarter and Healthier with Bamboo Coffee Bedding

Nothing beats the feeling of wrapping yourself in fresh, clean, feathery soft bedsheets every night. However, the process of frequently washing and drying your bedding takes up valuable time; taking you away from doing the things that you love. Ettitude has created a range of new high-performance, sustainable bedding that absorbs odour and dries faster than any other bedding in the world to avoid the growth of bacteria – saving you time, water and electricity.

Introducing Bamboo Coffee Sheets – a blend of our signature Bamboo Lyocell fabric and reclaimed coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds may seem like an unlikely sleep partner but we can assure you it will give you the best sleep of your life. By harnessing coffee’s natural ability to block odours, these sheets have excellent odour neutralizing and moisture wicking abilities, so your sheets can stay fresh for longer. No more musty-smelling sheets ever!

Why you Want to Sleep With Bamboo Coffee?

Stay fresh and dry, live more.

Bamboo Coffee fabric can wick away moisture and absorb odour from your body up to 50% faster than cotton. Saving you time on washing your sheets, giving you more time to enjoy the things you love.

Repurpose & Eliminate Waste.

Our Bamboo Coffee fabric is made sustainably by repurposing 100% of recycled coffee grounds, which otherwise would end up in landfill. We’d like to create a sustainable lifestyle by making the best use of what’s already around us.

Healthy Sleep Always.

Anti-microbial, thermos-regulating and breathable; these sheets will give you the most comfortable sleep, so you will wake up feeling refreshed and energised every morning.

Why Use Coffee Grounds?

Coffee makes the world go round, with over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed in the world every day! The average cup of coffee, however, only utilizes a minuscule 0.2% of the coffee with the remaining 99.8% becoming coffee grounds thrown into the trash. By using S.Cafe® technology, we are able to recycle this previously wasted 99.8%, to transform coffee grounds into a yarn which can be used in bedding.

Coffee grounds also have excellent ability to remove foul smells, even one of the worst smells around — sewer gas! Scientists at The City College of New York (CCNY) found that used coffee grounds can sop up hydrogen sulfide gas, the chemical that makes raw sewage stinky. That’s how powerful used coffee ground as a deodorizer!

Odour Neutralising

Many people experience night sweat during their sleep. This can cause a rough night’s sleep and will mean your sheets need to be washed sooner.

When sweat and odour pass through the fabric, it is absorbed into the micro pores of the coffee yarn fibres, virtually eliminating it, allowing you to stay fresh all night and your sheets to remain cleaner for longer.

Fast Drying

S.Cafe® coffee yarn is also used by some of the biggest athletic and adventure wear companies due to its fast drying ability. We are the first in the world to use the S.Cafe® technology in bedding.

This unique bamboo coffee fabric can move moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric for a faster drying process. Imagine the structure sort of like a sponge, lots of surface area to spread, absorb and dry faster. This function is permanent and will never wash out. So bacteria don’t get the chance to breed and grow on your sheets and create that unpleasant musty smell!

 Bamboo Coffee Bedding will be available in Flat White Bamboo Coffee Bedding will be available in Flat White

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How Do Coffee Grounds Turn Into Yarn

Firstly, only coffee beans which have been roasted and ground can be used to produce coffee yarn. This is because during roasting, the beans swell and the hot water removes materials clogging the space, meaning the inside of the bean expands, allowing for odour absorption and fast drying functions. After the coffee beans are ground, used in coffee making and discarded, they are reclaimed to be used to make coffee yarn. The coffee grounds are embedded onto a yarn fibre, using a low temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process.

During this process, the filaments of the fibre change and lock and embed the coffee grounds into the yarn. The yarn fibre used is made from recycled plastic water bottles, another high-tech and sustainable material. The oils in the grounds, which produce the coffee scent are also removed through a pharmaceutical process so you won’t be kept awake all night.

Bamboo Lyocell Yarn

Bamboo Lyocell is a fabric that consists of fibre made from dissolving organic bamboo pulp. We are the FIRST company in the world to make 100% Bamboo Lyocell bedding. This fabric is superior to any other bamboo products on the market right now which use the traditional viscose/rayon process. Lyocell fabrication process is the most sustainable fabrication process, using a closed-loop system and 99% of the organic solvent and water in the process is recycled and reused up to 200 times. This process has minimal environmental impact, with economical use of both energy and water. Bamboo Lyocell fabric is incredibly soft, silky and super breathable.

S.Cafe® Coffee Yarn + Bamboo Lyocell

The S.Cafe® coffee yarn (35%) is woven together with Bamboo Lyocell yarn (65%) in the fabrication process to create these odour control and fast drying sheets that bring you the freshest sleep environment.

 The process of creating Bamboo Coffee Bedding. The process of creating Bamboo Coffee Bedding.

These sheets will be available on the site in November and can be pre-ordered at a discounted price on Indiegogo.

 Bamboo Coffee Bedding will be available in Flat White Bamboo Coffee Bedding will be available in Flat White

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