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Antimicrobial bedding: Sleep cool & clean with antimicrobial sheets

Antimicrobial bedding: Sleep cool & clean with antimicrobial sheets

CleanBamboo™ Charcoal

Sweat, stains, allergens and dead skin cells—oh my! That’s just a fraction of what can be hiding in your sheets. We spend about a third of each day in bed, so it’s no wonder your bed can become a playground for bacteria.

Getting the ick? We’re with you on that.

It’s time to expect your sheets to do more than keep you cozy—they need to perform. ettitude’s Sateen+ Charcoal bedding and PJs are infused with charcoal’s natural antimicrobial properties to provide long-lasting freshness and comfort. 

In this blog, we dive into the ins and out of antibacterial sheets and antimicrobial bedding, plus how you can get your healthiest sleep yet. 

What is antimicrobial bedding?

In a nutshell, antimicrobial bedding is known for its ability to fight bacteria and stay clean for longer. Antimicrobial bed sheets can be manufactured with antimicrobial technology to keep bedding hygienic and fresh. 

This bedding is often manufactured with an antimicrobial solution or thread that is woven into the fabric. For instance, our bamboo bedding is infused with bamboo charcoal powder to create our antibacterial, antimicrobial Sateen+ bamboo sheets. 

A quick science lesson: antimicrobial bed sheets Vs. antibacterial sheets

Antimicrobial refers to killing or slowing the spread of microorganisms or microbes. Antimicrobial materials are effective against all microorganisms, including bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, protozoa and even viruses. Whereas antibacterial refers to substances that are only effective against bacteria.

TL;DR: antimicrobial materials are ideal for protecting against a broad spectrum of odor-causing and harmful microorganisms.  

ettitude’s Sateen+ fabric is proven to reduce bacteria

We infused our silky-soft Signature Sateen weave with naturally antimicrobial bamboo charcoal. It’s scientifically proven to keep sheets feeling fresh and smelling clean longer. This innovative bedding fabric is 100% antifungal against Aspergillus niger (the most common fungus) and reduces odors. Sateen+ has deodorizing properties and is proven to be 96% effective when tested against acetic acid. So, you can say bye-bye to smelly sheets.

Why charcoal?

Charcoal is a popular ingredient in everyday products, such as charcoal water, lemonade-infused drinks, detox pills and more. Activated charcoal has also been used as a cure-all for detoxing. Our curiosity made us ask, “why not bring it into the bedroom?” 

Transforming our signature CleanBamboo™ lyocell fabric into Sateen+ Charcoal

We start by baking raw bamboo at high temperatures to create activated charcoal, then infusing that nano-sized bamboo charcoal powder into our patented bamboo lyocell fabric. The result is luxuriously smooth antimicrobial and antibacterial bamboo sheets that fight bacteria and stay fresh-feeling and clean-smelling between washes—science says so.

How will this affect your sleep?

These smart bed sheets prevent unwanted odors by absorbing bacteria and wicking away sweat 17% faster than cotton. Sateen+ is beneficial for all types of sleepers, especially those:

  • with acne-prone or sensitive skin
  • who prefer to wash their sheets less often
  • who are hot and sweaty sleepers

Are there other alternatives to antimicrobial bedding?

Silver antimicrobial sheets are a well-known alternative to antimicrobial and antibacterial bamboo sheets. This anti-acne bedding is usually made with silver or copper threads woven in it. These metals have natural antimicrobial properties to kill off bacteria. 

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But, there is a downside to this non-plant-based antimicrobial solution: some amount of silver ions can wash off in the laundry and seep into our water systems. While there are negligible levels detected in our water supplies so far, scientists don’t know the long-term effects of this exposure. 

How to protect your sheets from bacteria buildup in five steps

Don’t want to invest in antibacterial bamboo sheets or just want to take extra care of your Sateen+ bedding? Here are five ways you can protect your sheets against bacteria buildup:

  1. Wash your sheets every one to two weeks
  2. Shower before bed
  3. Remove your makeup before you sleep
  4. Avoid doing your skincare routine right before bed
  5. Keep your pets off your bed

Ready to sleep clean? Get your best ZZZs yet in our Sateen+ Charcoal bedding made with our exclusive CleanBamboo™ fabric. You can rest easy knowing these fabrics are performance tested to support your comfort and overall wellness. Order your antimicrobial bed sheets online at 


Written by Gracyn Willoughby

Originally published on: March 19, 2020. Updated on August 4, 2022.

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