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Ettitude Introduces Organic Bamboo Lyocell Fabric

Ettitude Introduces Organic Bamboo Lyocell Fabric

What is Bamboo Lyocell?

Bamboo is often praised as the most natural, green and eco-friendly material of the 21st century. At Ettitude, we harness this natural beauty to create an award-winning fabric that is good for you, and the environment. Organic bamboo lyocell fabric is like nothing you have ever felt before. It is an evolved version of traditional bamboo: it’s produced with a closed loop process that minimizes waste by reusing and recycling water. The revolutionary aspect of lyocell manufacturing is the recovery and reuse of up to 99.8% of the solvent and the remaining emissions are broken down in biological water treatment plants. In fact, the solvent is not acidic. The harmlessness of the solvent has been proven in dermatological and toxicological tests. One can put their bare hand in the solvent without harm (although it’s probably not advisable to leave it there). Also, no toxic substances remain in the fiber.

Bamboo is grown without any chemical additives. The cotton production industry involves a lot of labor, chemicals and fresh water. The fiber yield per acre from the bamboo used in the lyocell fibers is up to ten times higher than that of cotton. Also, cotton needs up to 10-20 times more water than required for lyocell fibers.

Of the total environmental impact of textile goods, much of it comes from the care of the textiles while in use. With lyocell fabric, there is no need for fabric softener or whitening agents or bleach which add cost to the consumer and chemicals to our environment. Without these added agents, energy and water use can be decreased for spin and rinse cycles since shorter washing machine cycles can be used.


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The Benefits of Sleeping On Organic Bamboo Lyocell Bedding

Bamboo Lyocell is free from harmful chemicals, artificial additives and allergens, making it your healthiest bedding option. Bamboo is perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies, acne, eczema, dermatitis, newborns and chemo patients. The silky smooth texture of bamboo lyocell also protects your hair and skin against any external stress.

Bamboo Lyocell by Ettitude


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