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Eco-friendly sheets and mattress stain removal guide

Eco-friendly sheets and mattress stain removal guide

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How do I get {insert anything you can think of here} out of my brand new ettitude sheets? We get this question A LOT. And we totally get it. It starts off innocently enough. You grab a glass of wine on your way to bed. You snuggle up next to your dog to settle in for some Queen’s Gambit, But before you know it your pooch has an accident and you spill your wine everywhere! Before you reach for the bleach, you remember your commitment to our planet. So there you are with soiled sheets, your pets pee, half a glass of wine and the remnants of a relaxing evening. You’re looking for an eco-friendly stain-removing solution. Sound familiar? If so, continue reading for more on how to remove your sheet and mattress stains.

Top sustainable laundry care alternatives

We tried 4 eco-friendly stain removers (including one DIY solution) that claim to be able to tackle blood, urine, wine, chocolate and more. Read on to find the one that is right for your mattress or sheets. 

*Please note we did not destroy any virgin fabric for this experiment. At ettitude, we believe in utilizing every extra inch of our fabric—we repurpose scraps to make our reusable packaging, donate returns to animal shelters and in special cases like this, we sometimes cover them in ketchup, wine and chocolate for the sake of research.


Cleaner Soul stain remover
Cleaner Soul with Stains

Best smelling

The Cleaner Soul sent us their all-purpose cleaner. After coating the stains liberally, we immediately washed the pillowcase. Although all three stains faded, they are still very much present, which is honestly what we expected from an all-purpose cleaner. However, this cleaner deserves kudos for its eco-friendly packaging and unbelievable smell (we got the Coconut Calm and were immediately transported to the beach). We will be using this as our go-to all-purpose cleaner. 


Wunderbar with stains
Wunderbar stain remover

Most innovative

Made from vegetables, the Wunderbar from Celsious is one of the most satisfying products to watch at work. To use, wet the stained area and scrub. The bar entirely eradicated the wine and ketchup stain and left a faint trace of chocolate. Their website recommends using their Supersalt for persistent stains, but we did not have this available to test.


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DIY with stains
DIY stain remover

Most wallet-friendly

This super easy DIY stain remover solution is one part eco-friendly dish soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. You can even add in natural oils for a clean scent. We applied the mixture heavily and allowed it to soak in warm water for an hour before rinsing. The results? The chocolate stain is still a tad persistent, but very much improved. The wine and ketchup are completely gone. 


Puracy stain remover
Puracy stain remover

Most effective

Derived from 6 plant enzymes, this natural, odorless stain remover from Puracy gets our vote for overall most effective. We applied the remover liberally, “agitated” the fabric with a brush and let it sit for 8 hours. In the end, we found  no trace of wine or ketchup and this did the best job at removing the chocolate stain. According to the brand, for smaller stains, you can wash after letting the product sit on the stain for 15 minutes. 

In conclusion, put down the bleach (and the chocolate)

If you want some fresh white sheets or a fun print, there is nothing holding you back from having soft, sustainable and stainless sheets and drinking in them too. And while we tested these mattress stain removers thoroughly, you may also want to try a pillow or mattress protector. Lastly, and maybe for everyone’s sake, keep the chocolate out of the bedroom.

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