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Cloudland by Ettitude x Limedrop

Cloudland by Ettitude x Limedrop

Welcome to Cloudland…where you can sleep well, sleep really well.
Cloudland is the our latest collaboration with Melbourne fashion label Limedrop. We’ve teamed up to bring you the best night’s sleep with a mix of beautiful digital print and sustainable textile.

The cloud print is an iconic Limedrop design that captures the ethereal, dreamy sky overhead, and we have digital-printed onto the finest 100% organic bamboo lyocell fabric and made into beautiful bedding.

Cloudland by Ettitude x Limedrop

As Cloudland is our very first venture to include prints on our bedding, we’ve launched the collection on crowdsourcing platform, Pozible, to test the water and see how our customers react. We’re safe to say, so far our customers seem to be liking it!

It’s only 4 days since Cloudland has launched and it’s already almost 80% funded!

Cloudland by Ettitude x Limedrop

What also makes Cloudland special is that we chose to use the more sustainable organic bamboo lyocell fabric instead of ordinary bamboo fabric. Bamboo lyocell is highly praised as the evolutionary eco-friendly new-type textile material of the 21st century. We used organic bamboo pulp, the most sustainable plant source, instead of traditional wood pulp, to make our bamboo lyocell fabric; the process of converting bamboo pulps into fibers is called the lyocell process. This process is a sustainable closed-loop process which recycles and reuses 99% organic compound (including the water used in spinning and washing), hence produces minimal greywater output. Zero chemical waste and harmful gases is released in the production process.

Same as our other organic bamboo bedding, the Cloudland collection contains no chemicals, artificial additives, irritants or allergens, making it your healthiest bedding option. It is suitable for the most sensitive skin, newborns, children, allergy, eczema, dermatitis, acne-prone skin, chemo patients.

A combination of design and comfort, Cloudland is everything you’ve ever wanted on your bed. Get your cloud bedding here today!

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