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How to wash and care for your bamboo sheets

How to wash and care for your bamboo sheets

Rough, pilling sheets aren’t the vibe for a peaceful night’s sleep. Your bamboo sheets are an investment for better sleep, so naturally, you want to properly care for that investment. Compared to cotton, they’re softer, more breathable, and more sustainable and durable. It’s no secret that bamboo bedding is of higher quality than other options, which might make you wonder how to properly care for them. Since bamboo sheets are an investment, you’ll want to ensure you keep them soft and durable for as long as possible. 

Learning how to care for bamboo sheets is crucial, but do you know how to wash and dry them to prolong their longevity? While wash and care labels are a great starting place, we’ve detailed some additional steps you can take to give your bamboo sheets the care they deserve. To increase the lifespan of your favorite bamboo sheets, you must provide them with a little extra TLC.

How to wash bamboo sheets

While our antimicrobial bedding is resistant to dust and other allergens, washing bamboo sheets is crucial for acne-free beauty sleep. Washing your sheets on a regular basis will prevent dirt and oils from building up. In summer, we recommend washing your bed linen every seven to ten days; in winter you can wash them every two weeks.

When comparing bamboo sheets vs. cotton sheets, they’re typically washed in the same way. However, while cotton can typically be washed with other materials, you should only wash bamboo with similar fabrics. Therefore, it’s important to separate your bamboo bedding from clothing, especially those with zippers and buttons. The best way to wash bamboo sheets is in cold water on a gentle or delicate cycle. Avoid bleach and fabric softener as harsh chemicals can damage delicate fibers. 

It’s also a good idea to avoid hot water when washing bamboo sheets as it could damage them. Cold water is best to help the fabric retain its silky softness. Hot water can shrink the bamboo fibers, cause pilling, and make the color appear dull, so cold water is always recommended. 

Removing stains from bamboo sheets

Did pasta miss your mouth while eating it in bed? Forgot it’s that time of the month? Sometimes stains happen. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can try to remove them. 

Firstly, never use bleach when washing your sheets. It can permanently damage the fabric and cause discoloration. Instead, you can pre-soak your bamboo sheets in mild detergent. Eco-friendly laundry pre-soak and stain remover can help to brighten your bamboo bedding. If you must use a stain-remover, we recommend testing it on the reusable drawstring bag your bedding arrived in. 

Tips for washing bamboo bedding

Learning how to care for bamboo sheets is crucial. If you want to keep your sheets as soft as the day they arrived, use the following tips: 

  • Always wash your bamboo bedding in cold water, at 30C or 86F max, and on a gentle cycle.
  • It’s important to wash them separately because zippers, hooks, and other materials can cause pilling and abrasion.
  • Avoid washing them with towels or blankets (unless you like super linty sheets).
  • Use a mild liquid, biodegradable detergent. Or, if you prefer powder, make sure it has dissolved before adding your bamboo sheets to the wash.
  • We don’t recommend using bleach, as they are usually packed with toxic chemicals.
  • Fabric softener isn’t necessary with bamboo sheets – they’re already soft and will stay that way after washing.

How to dry bamboo sheets

While washing your bamboo sheets correctly is crucial, you shouldn’t forget about the proper way to dry them. Drying bamboo sheets is easy, and most can be tossed into the dryer on the lowest heat setting for faster drying. However, if possible, line-dry your bamboo bedding to preserve the fibers, colors, and elasticity.

Be careful not to leave your bedding in the sun as it can bleach the colors and cause them to fade. Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of bamboo fabric is that it dries quickly, so it won’t have to stay on the line for long. 

If you have to use a dryer, choose a low heat and a low tumble cycle. High heat isn’t recommended as it can cause the sheets to lose softness and break down the fibers, which can lead to pilling and damage. As soon as the dryer finishes, avoid wrinkles by immediately taking them out.

A large benefit of bamboo sheets comes from their ability to drape very well. Even if there are wrinkles from being washed or stored, they gradually go away in a few hours. By the time you go to bed at night, they’re flat, fresh, and ready to provide the good night’s sleep you deserve. If you’re after a crispier look immediately, you can iron them at a low temperature.

How to store bamboo sheets

Properly storing your bamboo sheets is important. Bamboo bedding for sensitive skin is gentle and soft, but improperly storing it can lead to wear and tear that affects its softness. While bamboo is naturally resistant to mold and moisture-wicking, moisture can still be an issue when storing them.

As a gift to you, all of our bamboo bedding comes with a reusable bag that’s made from recycled bamboo fabric. After folding your bamboo sheets, they can be stored back in the breathable bamboo bag. Avoid storing them in plastic containers—these trap moisture and result in mildew and yellowing. Also, avoid cardboard as it can transfer acids to the fabric. Store all your linen in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Storing your bamboo sheets in a cool environment will protect the fibers and minimize wear and tear. In addition, keeping them away from direct sunlight will prevent discoloration.  

See Also

When to replace bamboo sheets

Even the highest quality bedding will eventually reach the end of its lifecycle. After years of beauty sleep, fraying hems and stains can mean it’s time to upgrade. We suggest replacing your bamboo pillowcases more often than sheets and duvet covers. This is due to the oils from your hair, skin, and makeup that come into direct contact with the fabric while you sleep. The recommended frequency to replace pillowcases is every 6 months, followed by sheets and duvet covers every 12-18 months.

Recycling bamboo bedding

It’s always nice to freshen up your bedroom with new bamboo sheets from time to time, but what do you do with the old ones? Bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable, so throwing them out is safe. But as a sustainable brand, we encourage you to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever you can. 

A few ideas to help you repurpose your bamboo bedding include: 

  • Giving it to pets: If you have a special pet in your life, consider letting them experience the joy of bamboo sheets. You can put your bamboo sheets in your pet’s bed or make them their very own blanket to use for naps around the house.
  • Donating: If you’re unsure what to do with your old bamboo bed sheets, consider donating them to a local shelter or person in need. Shelters are always looking for donations, so call around to see if anyone could use your bedsheets. 
  • Using them as cleaning supplies: Bamboo is highly absorbent and moisture-resistant, so it’s a great material for cleaning rags. Using your old bamboo bed sheets as rags can help you reduce paper waste like paper towels by giving you a washable rag you can use for anything.

Help your bamboo bedding last longer

Taking proper care of your delicate bamboo sheets will help them last longer. You’ll save money in the long run while ensuring you get the best sleep of your life every night. Always wash your sheets gently and avoid harsh chemicals. 

ettitude bamboo sheets are easy to care for; simply pop them into the wash in cold water on a delicate cycle and machine dry them on low heat. Ready to change the way you sleep? Browse our collection to enhance your bedtime with easy-to-care-for bamboo sheets. 

Originally posted on April 6, 2016, Updated: January 8th, 2023.

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  • Hi, can I dry-clean my ettitude bedding? I don’t have a washing machine and don’t want them washed by regular laundry service . thanks

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Great question! Yes you can dry clean your ettitude sheets. We recommend finding a green dry cleaner for a more eco-friendly alternative.

      The Ettitude Team

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