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Spoil Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Spoil Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself right and be in the best mindset ever.  This Valentine’s Day it is all about self-love! It’s important to take care of number one, you!

We think a major way to look after yourself starts in the home. Your home should be your sanctuary and a place you can truly relax.  To create a calm space, pare back on the items you don’t need. This concept comes from the popular Swedish term, lagom, which in Swedish means ‘just the right amount’ – and it’s all about evoking happiness through the art of minimalism.

Here are some simple ways to create a more minimal space and therefore a better mindset and happier self!

1.     Just have essentials

It’s time to declutter. It’s a fact that clutter and unnecessary items in the home cause us worry and stress. To look after your mind and space go through your things and truly consider, do I need this? Chances are if you haven’t thought about it or haven’t worn it for over 6 months you don’t need it. You will also feel more free and less tied down. Perfect for that spontaneous trip you’ve always wanted to take!

2.     Prioritise sustainability

Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice and one that you won’t regret. A tip is to start off small and make sustainable choices when you can.  This may be in the form of skincare, food and it’s packaging or homewares. Sustainable living is a benefit to both your mindset and the environment. Bamboo Lyocell bedding is 100% organic and sustainable, not to mention breathable and heavenly soft and silky, a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to yourself.

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3.     Choose happiness!

Instead of trying to achieve everything at once emphasis happiness and self-care into your regime and reap the benefits. This can be found in the smallest of places. Treat yourself to a new house plant or register in that photography class you’ve always wanted to do or invite your nearest and dearest over for a home cooked meal! You will feel healthier and more content listening to your inner self.

Sweet dreams and be happy!


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