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Planning the ultimate adult PJ party

Planning the ultimate adult PJ party

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The makings of a dream teen sleepover–prank calls, oreos, soda and a few hundred rounds of truth or dare that lasts until the sun comes up. These nights were the best, until they weren’t. If our adult selves tried to do this today, we would be sleep-deprived for a week and in major need of some antacids. But what if you aren’t ready to say goodbye to sleepovers in your 20s and 30s? What if, like you at 13, the sleepover just needs a makeover? Read on for adult pajama party ideas, games and snacks that are less pre-teen and more sustainable for your next girls’ night in.

Checklist for your adult PJ party

  • Party theme
  • PJ’s to impress
  • Food and drinks 
  • Entertainment 
  • Guest bed accommodations
  • Brunch 

Pajama party theme

Okay, a theme can be tacky but when done right it can also offer a sense of cohesion. For example, a jungle theme might feel childish if you over do it on Tarzan. However, a theme such as biophilic beauty or the great outdoors is more elevated. Guests like a preview of what the evening will entail and a theme sets the mood.  

Pajama party OOTN (outfit of the night)

These days it’s a night out even if it is a night in, so dress like it. Encourage guests to wear PJ’s that will impress. ettitude’s sateen cami and signature sateen PJ pants are the perfect comfy yet sophisticated combo. Also, since you aren’t 13 this gathering may be co-ed. Feel free to send the male attendees this link ahead of time. And if you aren’t hosting, ettitude’s signature sateen eye masks are the perfect host gift.   

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Pajama party beverages and food

For guests that have ditched alcohol, we recommend giving them a taste of childhood. Olipop is soda that nourishes the gut microbiome. And with flavors like root beer and creamsicle, you will truly feel 10 again. And for those guests who like a little alcohol, we are obsessed with Flying Embers, a hard kombucha. Kombucha is known to help improve the gut biome as well. Flying Embers is the first Hard Seltzer company to use naturally generated CO2 recaptured from their own fermentation to carbonate drinks. Admit it, even younger you would be impressed. 

For food, don’t be afraid to order in or ask guests to bring their favorite dish. Make your own {salad, taco, fajita} bars are always a good idea when guests have dietary restrictions. As for snacks there are a whole host of “grown-up” alternatives such as Magic Spoon cereal and Smart Sweets

Pineapple Chili Fizz Margarita
Photo courtesy of Flying Embers

Pajama party games and entertainment

Drinks are flowing and food is being consumed, but what will your guests do? Tie your activity back to the theme. For example, a ‘make your own’ ter

rarium would be the perfect activity for the great outdoors and it doubles as a party favor. If you really love a theme, you could watch Seaspiracy. Just be warned that this can be some heavy viewing material. For those that are less hardcore, opt for a clean beauty swap. We personally can’t get enough of OSEA’s body oil.

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Osea’s Body Oil

Time to get those Zzzzzz’s

Unlike your childhood, you and your guests will actually need sleep. We are partial, but there is nothing like sleeping on sustainable bedding surrounded by friends. (If you are an attendee you can also bring your own sateen+ travel sheet.) Your friends will wake so refreshed they might not want to leave. So, let them sleep in. Enjoy breakfast in bed. And nominate the next friend to host. Because trust us, you will want to do this again.


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