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Meet Tanisha Angel

Meet Tanisha Angel

Meet ettitude ambassador, Tanisha Angel, from Sydney.
Who are you?

I’m an 18 year old bachelor of health science (naturopathy) student, yogi, nature lover, healthy living advocate, and food and lifestyle blogger.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Sydney.

Where do you reside now?

I’m currently living in Sydney, but love travelling during holidays.

Do you have any morning rituals?

I usually stay in bed for around 5 minutes after waking up and mentally plan my day, then follow that up with a cup of hot lemon water.

Any bedtime rituals?

Have a cup of tea and read a book for around half an hour before bed.

What’s your favourite breakfast? 

I absolutely love breakfast foods! Either French toast, coconut quinoa porridge or smashed avocado on toast.

Tips for a restful night’s sleep?

Creating a relaxing pre-sleep routine, such as have a bath with a few drops of lavender essence, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea, read some of your favourite book, turn off all technology and have your phone out of arms reach from you. Having a comfortable sleeping space is definitely a key contributor to a restful night’s sleep too – good quality mattress and soft silky bamboo sheets are the way to go!

Top two must-haves in creating the perfect bedroom space?

Warm socks and a scented candle.

What does a sustainable lifestyle mean to you?

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Living in a way which doesn’t harm our natural resources or other living beings, and ensures future generations will be able to enjoy the same resources available to us. It means looking at the bigger picture and at how your actions have a ripple effect.

Instagram: @taniangel7



meet tanisha angel ettitude ambassador

meet tanisha angel ettitude ambassador

meet tanisha angel ettitude ambassador

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  • Youre so inspiring Tanisha! I follow you on tumblr and love all your advice – i don’t trust many bloggers but everything you recommend is perfect (and I’ve been drinking hot lemon water since i read this and love it). Thank you for everything you do

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