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Live With Ettitude: Meredith Baird’s LA Spanish Bungalow

Live With Ettitude: Meredith Baird’s LA Spanish Bungalow

Live With Ettitude is a design series, highlighting beautiful spaces and the people behind them.

This month we toured Meredith Baird‘s light-filled Spanish style bungalow. The Nucifera founder and Coconut Kitchen author showed us how it’s done when it comes to picking quality, thoughtful pieces that will last a lifetime.

Meredith in her favorite room with her feather white bedding

Describe your home in two words.

Considered and warm.

What fundamental elements were important to you when designing this space?

Our home is a 1920s Spanish bungalow, and it was important to maintain the integrity of the style and construction, all while having to update things pretty drastically. We used a lot of reclaimed materials, vintage hardware, antique doors and windows etc. We tried to use as little new material as possible- both from an aesthetic perspective, and environmental.

Which room makes you feel most relaxed, and why?

Probably our bedroom because it is bright and inviting, but also where I do the most actual relaxing! Second, would be a tie on the bathtub and kitchen.

How do you want people to feel when they enter the space?

Keeping a clean and functional home is really important to me and my husband.  To me that is the essence of relaxing. I’d hope people feel really comfortable and inspired when they enter the space.

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If you could share 1 tip for achieving thoughtful design, what would it be? (ie. sustainable materials, natural textures, repurposing, etc…)

I think the most important thing is not to rush – which is easier said than done. Unfortunately so much of what is on the market – not just in Los Angeles- but everywhere – is this fast remodel approach that doesn’t have much character. You don’t need to furnish everything right away. It’s important to have pieces that you love and you can carry with you.

I think designing this way is important for many reasons- including environmental.  Many of us go from being in our teens/20s to finding ourselves adults and homeowners, and we sort of take that college style approach into an adult home.

It doesn’t have to be that way, nor does being considered have to be that much more expensive. If you take your time to buy something you’ll love forever, thats a much better investment.

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