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In Your Element With Erin Claire Jones

In Your Element With Erin Claire Jones

In Your Element is a photo series and open dialogue with experts, community and thought leaders that truly practice what they preach.

We checked in with Erin Claire Jones, a Human Design guide and leadership coach, to chat about what it means to be “in your element” and which elements play the biggest role in her life.

Erin Claire Jones kicking back in her Cloud Pink bed.

Name a recent moment where you felt most in your element.

I’m just returning from 2-month journey around the world — from hosting workshops in Mykonos to working from Bali to hosting a retreat in Tuscany.

I have to say that being in Bali for three weeks was a time where I consistently felt so in my element. Bali feels like such a home to me and there’s such an immediate sense of relief I feel and a flow I tap into whenever I return to Bali. The place is steeped in prayer and taking good care of ourselves and those around us — and my whole body and soul relax when I’m there.

How would you describe yourself in your most focused work element?

I like to be in a beautiful space around other people with big headphones on. It’s also always ideal to have easy access to all the yummy teas, juices and treats.

In my Human Design (which is the system I study and teach) — I know that I operate best when I am around others’ energy rather than working at home by myself so I leverage that knowledge when choosing how and where to work.

Describe elements of your perfect day at home. 

No alarm. Snuggling with my partner with sunlight streaming through the windows. Exercise, writing and my Kundalini practice first thing. A late breakfast full of juice and all the fruit. Settling into our dining room to do some work. Taking breaks to go to the park or to study or to see a friend. Cooking a yummy, healthy dinner with my partner. Easing into the evening by having friends over for a dinner or a cozy movie. Early to bed and early to rise.

Do you have any routines or rituals that you practice to transition your work mindset to a home mindset?

I’ve run my own business for two years now and am learning every day how to build stronger boundaries between being present with my work and being present with my partner and at home. 

Rituals at the end of the day include putting away my phone, checking in with my partner about how he’s doing and how I’m doing, doing some sort of evening practice whether it’s meditation or writing or studying and taking a bath, so I can unwind from the day and fully arrive into the evening

Do you find sleep an important factor in resetting for a new day? What are your key elements for a restful sleep?

Sleep is the most important to me. I need at least 8 hours and I feel a real difference if it’s anything less than that.

At night, I like to ease into sleep through reading or taking a bath before I get into bed. I like to limit technology (my phone or computer) before bed. It’s important for me to get into bed in a calm, wound-down state — not in a hyped up, energized one. This is specific to my Human Design, as some people have the capacity to work up until they get into bed, but for me I know I need a winding down period to be able to fall asleep and have a restful night.

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Of the three elements (air, earth water), which do you feel personally closest do? Why?

Oh gosh! That’s hard.

I’d have to say water at the moment because I just returned from Italy and Greece and was in the water every chance I could get.

I’m not a big fan of pools, but jumping into the ocean or lake is one of my favorite things. There’s just something so cleansing, purifying and awakening about being in natural bodies of water. I’d love to have a home on the coast one day where I can begin every morning in the water.

Name something important in your life that touch each of the 3 core elements: AIR, EARTH, and WATER. 

Air — Breathing and my Kundalini practice.

Earth — Being in nature as often as I can and having my bare feet in the ground.

Water — Immersing myself in any natural body of water any chance I can get.

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