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In Your Element with Tara Sowlaty

In Your Element with Tara Sowlaty

In Your Element is a photo series and open dialogue with experts, community and thought leaders that truly practice what they preach.

This month we sat down with industry creatives to talk about seasonal transitions, get tips on how to adapt their home to the changing weather and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Tara Sowlaty, a holistic chef, certified nutritionist and creative director in Los Angeles, talks to us about how she navigates seasonal changes at her home.


Tara wears Bamboo Waffle Bathrobe in Ecru. Her summer bedroom is dressed in CleanBamboo™ Lyocell Duvet Cover in Feather White.


Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your work?
I’m a holistic chef, certified nutritionist and creative director. My passion runs deep in wellness and everything I do centers around well-being and creativity.

What does comfort mean to you? Do you have any favourite creature comforts?
Comfort means everything to me. I am obsessed with coziness and comfort. My favorite place is my bed, of course in Ettitude sheets.

How would you describe your relationship with summer? 

I absolutely LOVE summer. I live for warm nights, flowy dresses, and long sunny days.

Who are you isolating with at home? What are your favourite iso pastimes?
I’ve been isolating with my husband and pup Soba. They are the best iso teammates. We have been cooking a ton, making art, reading, dancing, and watching lots of great TV.

What is your favourite room or nook at home and why?
My bed. It is my happy place and just so so cozy.

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Is there a creative thread or common thread you keep returning to in your work?
I try to share positivity and spread kindness as much as possible. This is the lens through which I share my work.

Can you share your top tips on living a more considered and sustainable lifestyle?
Thoughtful living is something I’m super passionate about. Paying attention to what you surround yourself with really makes all the difference. Search for brands that care and are doing their part to consider their impacts on the world. These brands are usually higher quality, more beautiful, and thoughtfully crafted.


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Bamboo Waffle Bathrobe, Ecru

CleanBamboo™ Lyocell Duvet Cover, Feather White

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