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In Your Element With Jodi Moreno

In Your Element With Jodi Moreno

In Your Element is a photo series and open dialogue with experts, community and thought leaders that truly practice what they preach.

You may have heard of natural foods chef and cookbook author Jodi Moreno from her drool-worthy blog, What’s Cooking Good Looking, and if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat in our latest In Your Element installment.

Jodi in our cozy waffle-weave bathrobe

Name a recent moment where you felt most in your element.

I feel like I am always most in my element when I am traveling, but even more so when I am traveling to a place with a purpose. I recently was on a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia with a group, and being there and spending time getting to know the country and the people of the country in a profound way was a time when I felt most in my element.

How would you describe yourself in your most focused work element?

Even though I am a social person, and many aspects of my job and life require me to be around people, I am definitely someone who needs to work mostly in silence. Especially when I am writing, or prepping for a meal. I work best when I am quiet and can get in the zone.

Describe elements of your perfect day at home.

This could go a few different ways depending on the season. In the cooler months, I love a cozy day at home with a cooking project like a winter soup or braise, a roaring fire, book and blankets, plenty of couch time and lots of candles. In the summer and warmer months, we spend a lot more time outdoors in the backyard, hanging out in our outdoor living room with books and magazines, or in our outdoor kitchen cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Do you have any routines or rituals that you practice to transition your work mindset to a home mindset?

I like to use meditation as a way to transition from one mode to the next. Most days I do a quick 10-15 minutes of meditation to get myself ready to work, but I will also do the same to relax after a busy day.

What are your key elements for a restful sleep?

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Over the years I’ve taken lots of steps to make our bedroom be a cozy sanctuary for sleep. I always make sure to keep the bedroom as minimal as possible. I don’t like to store things in the bedroom or under or around the bed. I’ve also been on the search for things to make our bed and the room to feel as cozy as possible. Like the best sheets pillows and bed, good lighting, and a couple of calming crystals to keep next to my bed. As for my bedtime routine, there are a few rules I like to stick to. First is to keep my cell phone in another room to keep me from scrolling right before I go to sleep or as soon as I wake up. I also try my best to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day (not always the easiest) but I know that is the best habit you can have for optimal sleep quality.

Feather White is the perfect shade for a calming bedroom

Of the three elements (air, earth water), which do you feel personally closest do? Why?

I have always felt closest to water. I’ve always lived near water, I grew up near the beach and I lived on an island for several years. The ocean is something that I could never be too far away from, I am just drawn to it. Also, I was born in July, and I am a Cancer (a water sign) and have always felt that too is why I have such a connection to that particular element.

Name something important in your life that touch each of the 3 core elements: AIR, EARTH and WATER. 

Spending time at our home in Amagansett is what gets my closest to each of those elements. Whenever I arrive there, the first thing I notice is how clean the air feels. And while we are there I spend a lot of time at the beach or near the water, or at the farms and farm stands buy produce for our meals, which makes me feel closer to the earth and land.

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