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In Your Element with Claire Mobbs

In Your Element with Claire Mobbs

In Your Element is a photo series and open dialogue with experts, community and thought leaders that truly practice what they preach.

This month we sat down with industry creatives to talk about seasonal transitions, get tips on how to adapt their home to the changing weather and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We chat to Claire Mobbs, visual artist, owner and creator of Golden Hour, about navigating Australian winter and finding comfort at her Byron Bay home.

Claire wears Bamboo Lyocell Robe in Cloud Pink.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

My name is Claire and I am a visual artist based in Byron Bay. What I paint to me is calming, peaceful and with hope can bring warmth and happiness to any home. 


What does comfort mean to you?

Comfort to me is track pants and an oversized t-shirt relaxing at home. Painting is definitely a creature comfort to me, no matter the mood – it always makes me feel whole and happy.


How do you create comfort at home in winter and do you make any changes to welcome the cooler weather?

I like to create new paintings around the house with the change of season, throw blankets everywhere, swap out our summer bedding to winter bedding palette, and of course an assortment of teas to sip on to warm up. 

Claire’s winter bedroom with Cloud Pink & Feather White Bamboo Lyocell Sheets.

What is your relationship with winter? Do you love/hate it?

I think it’s definitely a love-hate relationship, however as I grow, I have found that I am enjoying it a lot more. Especially when we go on road trips and there is snow involved!


In winter, we tend to spend more time indoors, how do you like to hibernate?

Lots of layers of fluffy clothing, throw blankets and snuggling up to my partner with tea or wine.

You have so many beautiful spaces in your home – what’s your favourite room or nook and why?

I have two! Our bedroom the morning light is perfect, soft and warm to wake up too. And my studio, I can spend all day here and not even realise how quickly time has passed. 


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Is there a creative thread or common thread you keep returning to in your work?

My turmeric colour palette is definitely a tread I like to mix into each collection – it brings me warmth and happiness when I create with it.


Can you share your top tips on living a more considered and sustainable lifestyle?

Recycle where you can, buy organic and locally farmed fruit and vegetables.

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