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How to Style Your Home for Summer

How to Style Your Home for Summer

As the seasons change and the Southern Hemisphere starts to warm up, it’s the perfect time to declutter and rearrange your home to welcome summer.

1.     Pack it up

Nothing is more therapeutic than storing away winter quilts and duvets, fluffy throws and pillows. You won’t be needing these as the temperature starts to rise.

Make way for cooler fabric such as organic cotton, linens and bamboo and switch to a summer weight duvet to allow for a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

2.     Change the tone

Inject soothing, cool and beachy vibes into your living and bedrooms by adding cool neutral colours or soft pastels like soft greys, beige, white or blue . This can be incorporated in the form of art, ceramics, pillows and bedding.

3.     Green is good

We know there are many benefits to having plants in the home. It’s also a lovely way to create that summer feeling. Whether you are adding a full plant or some fern and leaf cuttings or easy to care for succulents, plants and greenery is a sure way fix to prepping your home for the new season.

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4.     Inject the colour

While keeping most of the décor neutral, adding one pop of colour is a good way to give the space life.  Mustard is a big trend for 2018 as well as muted pinks.

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