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How To Style Your Guest Room

How To Style Your Guest Room

So you have guests arriving this weekend. Where do you start? You want your guest room to be comfortable and homely for your guests.  It doesn’t hurt if they are a little envious too! We have created a step by step guide to creating your guests own little oasis.

Prepare the Room

To prepare your space, make sure it’s nice and clean, boring but important, give the place a once-over with the vacuum cleaner. Fill a vase with some fresh flowers. Change the sheets to something lovely and soft and make sure the bedding is suited for both warm and cool climates by using breathable fabrics, you don’t what your guests to be too hot or cold and feel embarrassed to tell you. It is also a good idea to include an eye mask just in case they are light sleepers and some simple toiletries.

Make sure there is enough space for them to store their luggage and provide hangers and cupboard space for your guests to hang their clothes.

Some healthy snacks like bagged nuts or apples are also a nice touch for them to throw in their bags for a day of exploring.

A Warm Welcome

Making your guests feel like home the moment they arrive will give them a great start to their stay.  Offer them a welcome drink and show them around the house.

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Give them some reference guides of the area and suggest some activities. Cut your guests a key so that they can have flexibility while they stay to come and go as they please and not feel like they are on your schedule.

Tech Ready

Nothing is more annoying than realising you didn’t pack your phone charger. Keep your guests connected by providing one and make sure there is room for them to charge their devices. A nice touch is to put a little note in their room of the Wi-Fi password so everything is seamless and they don’t even need to ask.

The most important thing is to make them feel welcome and comfortable. If you follow these little tips they are sure to have a dreamy stay with and good company.

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