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How to Create the Perfect Garden Party

How to Create the Perfect Garden Party

It’s beginning to warm up in the Southern Hemisphere and what perfect way to celebrate than with a D.I.Y backyard picnic!?

This is a how and what you need to host your own day or night garden party and the best part about it is most of the items are recycled and/or involve what you already have making it environmentally friendly for all! Here’s what you need!

Something to lay it all on:

That rustic, I just threw this together look can easily be achieved with wooden shipping palettes. The best thing is they can be acquired for free! Many businesses get their stock delivered in wooden palettes. Call around to see if they have any spare ones lying around. They are usually happy for you to take them off their hands! Just make sure you check they are safe and haven’t been treated with chemicals here is an article explain how to tell if your pallets are safe.

You don’t necessarily need this but it can offer a little more structure and stability to your table. Just find a long piece of wood or even an old wooden door and place it on you palettes.

Add your furnishing:

Now you need something to sit on! Use big pillows and scatter around. For added comfort and look drape sheets over. Try using an environmental natural bedding option which will feel soft on your skin. Bamboo Lyocell is a great option as they are 100% organic and sustainably made.  You will feel like you’re laying on a cloud, whilst watching the clouds sail past!

Decorate your table:

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You can use anything you like! Old cans or jars filled with fresh flowers from the garden or use leaves and branches you have around home to create a centrepiece.  We used old wine bottles for the table decorations. To make them a little more special we spray painted them gold. Make sure you use a mask when spray painting, and that it is a good quality spray paint. We then wove twine around the neck of the bottle, varying in designs. Just be creative and have fun! We love to get inspiration from our Pinterest board.

Make it sparkle:

We’re sure your party will be a hit and run into the evening. Use fairly lights strung in the trees or some cute lanterns to create the mood when the sun goes down.

Bring along your favourite snacks and drinks and have a lovely time! Show us how you set up your picnic space by tagging us on Instagram! #sleepwithettitude

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