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Good Sleep, Good Morning

Good Sleep, Good Morning

Good sleep is life’s best kept secret – it makes you look good, feel good, and it may make your morning a launchpad for a fresh and productive day. And you can make this morning even better.

When you wake up your body temperature starts to rise, having reached its lower level near the end of the sleep period. Blood pressure increases, chemical levels rise for certain neurotransmitters and neurons, and a large increase in activity happens in your cortex. Your brain is jump-starting for a new day! And to give this jump-start an extra umph, here are some of our favorite tips for your best morning ever.

5 tips for the best morning ever

1 Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things you can do when you wake up is to stay hydrated. We have been loving these organic teas from Numi Tea, especially their bamboo tea! That’s right, the bamboo plant isn’t just for our awesome lyocell sheets made with 100% organic bamboo. Bamboo is actually high in silica content which helps hair and nails grow strong and lustrous. Silica is also a building block of collagen, which is responsible for healthy and plump skin. Since you won’t have drank any liquids for hours while sleeping, starting your day off with a cup of tea will help your body replenish liquids.

2 Morning Rinse

Another step to the start of a productive day is to take a shower, or at least a rinse off, when you wake up. Our lymphatic system is stimulated when taking a warm shower followed by switching to a bit of cool water at the end. A morning shower can also help you feel fresh, clean and ready for the day, which can help promote creativity and mental clarity. Besides all that it can help your hair by getting rid of your bed head from night before! After hopping out of the shower make sure to moisturize your skin and put on your deodorant, which will keep you smelling fresh the rest of the day. Our favorite deodorant is from Myro, whose natural deodorants come in refillable containers – yay less plastic!

3 Wake Up at the Same Time

Anchoring your wake time everyday is a great way to get your body in a natural flow, knowing when it should be in wake mode and when it should be in sleep mode. This flow is known as our circadian rhythm. Setting a routine and sticking to it helps keep your body in tune. You’ll wake up easier and more refreshed when sticking to a schedule.

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4 Do Some Exercise

Starting the day with a bit of exercise or even some good stretching will help you feel energized. Your muscles will thank you for waking them up, stretching them out, and getting them ready for the day. This should help you drink less caffeine because your body will be more awake throughout the day too!

5 Repeat a Positive Mantra

Your morning mantra will help you wake up on a good note and will help you to have a positive outlook for the rest of the day! A mantra can be something as simple as, “today is new a day, and I will strive for progress!” Repeating your mantra before you walk out the door will help you to feel centered and ready to face the challenges of the day. Mantras can help you to remember the bigger picture in life and to live in the now!

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