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In Your Element with Rachelle Robinett

In Your Element with Rachelle Robinett

For Ettitude’s second interview in our Sustainability Month series, we are talking with herbalist, holistic health practitioner and founder of Supernatural’s HRBLS Rachelle Robinett.

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  1. Define sustainability.

Sustainability, to me, is about respect, reciprocity, and consideration for lives beyond our single own – be that other peoples’, plants, the planet’s …


  1. What does the term and practice of sustainable living mean to you, personally?

Personally, sustainability for me involves working with and educating about primarily local herbs and accessible foods-as-medicine. It’s about eating locally, consuming minimally and consciously, and finding enjoyment in a non-consumption centric lifestyle.

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  1. How do you uphold sustainable practices in your day-to-day life? 

While I believe that true change requires political and systemic remodeling, I can’t help but live as if my individual actions help. For me, that involves composting all food waste, reusing packaging, and avoiding plastics. We get produce from a local CSA and I’ve been exploring clothing rental lately, too. However, the most important sustainability practice we have is voting.


  1. What are your tips for conscious shopping? 

I’m less interested in dodging specific ingredients than in buying from companies that are truly environmentally respectful. This is hard, and I’m not able to live by the rule, but as long as there are businesses and we are buying things from them, it’s a small step.

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  1. Are there people in your life or network that have impacted your decision to live sustainably? 

First thanks goes to my parents for a general respect for the planet and resources. We weren’t raised to be hyper-aware, but we always recycled and learned good habits like turning off lights and not running water.

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Wendy Green inspired me to deepen my personal practices (her eco-friendly homes in South America were equally homey and green) and when I travel, I’m more and more drawn to permaculture properties and self-sustaining communities. That said, flying is terrible for the environment!

I also want to shout out to Sara Weinreb, a friend and then consultant who worked with me to ensure Supernatural’s HRBLS have the most sustainable packaging possible. Sara helped me be mindful of both the materials used, but also the ways in which people really can or will discard them. For example, what do you do with your compostable cup when there aren’t any compost cans around town?

Most of all, working with plants as medicine absolutely demands my awareness of the state of the planet. Every interaction I have with the herbs in all their forms all day long is a reminder of their gifts to us, our dependence, and the fragility of the relationship.


  1. What has been the most valuable reward or effect of sustainable living? 

Each time I can make a greener decision, it feels like a small action of thanks to earth, which is here giving us everything we have.

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(Photos by Elena Mudd) (Interview by ToBe Content)

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