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In Your Element with Mari Agory

In Your Element with Mari Agory

Mari Agory Smiling with Smiling Baby Sheets on Ettitude Sheets and Ettitude Bamboo Pillowcase. Organic Bamboo Lyocell

Continuing on with our fourth interview for our Sustainability Month series. We met with Mari Agory, founder of Momier – a community driven marketplace for mothers.

Mari Agory with Baby Sheets Relaxing on Ettitude Sheets. Organic Bamboo Lyocell Sheets


  1. Define sustainability

Sustainability is the practice of preserving and maintaining our human race and mother earth with all its diverse life systems.  


  1. What does the term and practice of sustainable living mean to you, personally?

Personally, living sustainably means doing my part in ensuring my consumptions and behaviors are conscious and reflect my personal obligation to provide my children and future generations an environment and planet that help them thrive to the best of their abilities. 


  1. How do you uphold sustainable practices in your day-to-day life? 

Living in the city, it’s quite hard for anyone to envision living a country lifestyle. Each season we take so much pride and consistent effort to maintain our garden, from planting all our herbs, veggies, edible flowers, etc… from seed to transferring everything outside once its warm out. Our place is living and breathing plants, we have a variety of ferns, and other greenery that have health benefits. It’s been gratifying watching our plants thrive, refining my green thumb, and watching my oldest who is 2 years old, grow a love for watering the plants and seeing the need to nurture things in order to see it grow and thrive.

Mari Agory Baby Sheets on Ettitude Pillowcase Bamboo Sheets 

  1.  What are your tips for conscious shopping?

With the help of social media, I think we are at a time where companies and brands are being held accountable for their actions or inactions. I believe myself, alongside a growing number of millennials are weary of supporting companies and brands with less ethical practices. The term sustainable living is becoming widely used and practiced. I think companies interested in growing and evolving with the changing times must adhere to what consumers believe and desire in order to maintain their relevance. Personally, I have certainly taken a step back to making more conscious choices, from buying clothes for myself and children to the kinds of utensils/ kitchenware we use to even small acts such as cutting down on purchasing plastic bottled drinks, to now switching out our cotton bed sheets to more sustainable sheets.


  1. Are there people in your life or network that have impacted your decision to live sustainably? 

No one in particular, but I think it’s a growing idea now considering all the science coming out backing environmental concerns such as global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, etc…

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Mari Agory Smiling with Smiling Baby Sheets on Ettitude Sheets and Ettitude Bamboo Pillowcase. Organic Bamboo Lyocell


  1.  What has been the most valuable reward or effect of sustainable living? 

I have to admit, I have never been as conscious about my eating, and practices until I became a mother. Obviously it is our duty as parents to instill in our children from early on, healthful and conscious practices when it comes to eating and saving our planet. With that said, there are also immeasurable benefits to living sustainably. Not only are we reducing our environmental impact but we are healthier, with our overall well being and lifestyle continuously improving.  


  1. If you could pass on 1 sustainable practice or lesson to your child, what would it be? 

I once heard someone say, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money”. That has always stuck with me and I hope my boys will grow a love for gardening and growing their own food. There are so many benefits to it, not just eating organically, but also there is new research backing the therapeutic benefits of gardening. 

Mari Agory on Lyocell Organic Bamboo Ettitude Sheets and Ettitude Bamboo Pillowcase(Photos by Elena Mudd) (Interview by ToBe Content)

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