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Sustainability tips for living green every day

Sustainability tips for living green every day

Gabe Kennedy Smiling in Ettitude Sheets

We asked several eco-friendly influencers about the topic of sustainability, what they do to be more planet-friendly in their day-to-day life, and their tips for conscious shopping. Here we share what we learned about how they live green, but first, let’s define sustainability. 

According to the dictionary, sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. 

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite people’s great ideas for you to consider incorporating into your sustainable lifestyle. From sustainable grocery shopping to sustainable foods, there are many good suggestions for living green here.

Gabe Kennedy, award-winning chef, world traveler, and all-around food guy

How do you uphold sustainable practices in your day-to-day life?

I always start my day by making my own coffee, composting the grounds, and buying bulk. When it comes to grooming, I use body wash for pretty much all my needs, allowing me to refill my containers. I bring a cup/water bottle along with me and will fill up along my day, which prevents me from grabbing a convenient yet unsustainable alternative. For transportation, I ride my bike as much as I can, take mass transit, and if I do take a car, it is a shared ride. I am always trying to improve, so am very open to suggestions.  

What are your tips for conscious shopping?

For sustainable grocery shopping, I try to buy bulk, avoiding packaged foods that can’t be recycled. I enjoy repurposing my old glass jars to store grains (my favorite is popcorn). I avoid fast fashion or any company with exploitive labor. There is enough clothing for people, we don’t need any more clothing produced. Personally, I get the majority of my clothes from vintage (or my parents’ basement)–it is funny how things come back into vogue–but there are also a lot of wonderful companies using responsible materials, and I enjoy supporting them. We have so much impact on what we choose to purchase, so asking questions and understanding our choices’ implications is key. The more I learn, the more conscious I become, and the more I want to avoid so many of the treacherous traps of convenience we often fall into. Given our food system’s globalization, making the most environmentally, socially, and economically beneficial decision is a challenge. Eating seasonally and regionally is always a safe choice if accessible and within one’s means.  

Gabe Kennedy Guitar on Ettitude Sheets

 Miki Agrawal, founder of Thinx and Hello Tushy

How do you uphold sustainable practices in your day-to-day life?

I don’t wear makeup except for eyeliner, sometimes lipstick, but that’s it. I  also use almost nothing but water to wash my body and hair, except for organic shampoo twice a month. I order only organic food and do my best to buy local, seasonal products. I eat next to no red meat and mostly veggies, fruits, and fish/chicken. 

What are your tips for conscious shopping? 

Do not buy wet wipes. They not only strip away the natural oils from your behind, but even the “biodegradable ones” take 10 years to break down. Use a water bottle. Bring a bag when you shop. Eliminate most red meat from your diet.


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Rachelle Robinett, founder of Supernatural’s HRBLS, herbalist and holistic health practitioner

How do you uphold sustainable practices in your day-to-day life? 

While I believe that true change requires political and systemic remodeling, I can’t help but live as if my individual actions help. For me, that involves composting all food waste, reusing packaging, and avoiding plastics. We get produce from a local CSA, and I’ve been exploring clothing rental lately, too. 

What are your tips for conscious shopping? 

I’m less interested in dodging specific ingredients than in buying from companies that are truly environmentally respectful. This is hard, and I’m not always able to live by the rule, but as long as there are businesses and we are buying things from them, it’s a small step.

I think all of our interviewees would agree that each time they can make a greener decision, it feels like a small act of thanks to the earth, which is here giving us everything we have. We hope you’ll join us in our mission toward sustainability and living green. Small choices add up to a more sustainable world.

(Photos by Elena Mudd) (Interview by ToBe Content)

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