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ettitude supermums: @missusley

ettitude supermums: @missusley

ettitude has some pretty fabulous and inspiring supporters. This Mother’s Day we sat down with a select few of them to learn more about their experiences being mothers and how they manage to balance it all!

Team ettitude: What do you love the most about Motherhood?
It’s still surreal to me even though Djuno just turned 6 and Szoe will be 2 soon, I see them as my babies, more than I see myself as their mum. I love how easy it is to make them happy. Life should be like that – simple. Motherhood reminds me of this everyday. Happiness should be simple. They remind me to stay curious, and bewildered. and to laugh. When I look at them, how can I not believe in Magic?

TE: What are your favorite things to do or share with your children?
I love eating with my kids and I love sleeping with my kids. It’s strangely gratifying when these basic primal needs are satisfied with little humans that grew in my belly. The sheer satisfaction of filling their bellies puts a huge smile on my face. I love watching them enjoy their food…and when they like the food that I like, my heart explodes. There’s nothing like waking up with little arms around me. It’s like they reach out to love me even when they are sleeping. Some nights I wake up and see them curled up against my husband. Nothing in the world makes me feel more grateful and blessed. A full belly and falling asleep knowing everyone is safe and sound beside me.

TE: What is the best advice you’ve received for balancing life and motherhood?
“Your child is your priority now. Everything in your life should contribute positively whether directly or indirectly to his/her life.” So surround yourself with people who are good. Eat well and sleep well. Being content means your children gets the best of you, a happy mum makes for the best kind of mum. There is no such thing as a well-rested, full-bellied grumpy person.

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TE: What are your top tips for recharging and staying well-rested?
S: Sleep whenever your child is sleeping, and definitely sleep with your child. The years are short and the days are precious…and babies smell delicious!

TE: What’s your favourite Mother’s Day pick from ettitude?
The Rosie duvet cover set. My kids love the feeling of snuggling and rolling in between the sheets without their clothes. Djuno insists on sleeping only on Ettitude sheets. He’s like the Prince and the pea, and Szoe, who’s only 1, her face goes all zen and bliss-ed out when she slides her little chubby hands back and forth on the bed and pillows. The kids know what’s good!

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