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In Your Element with Lisa Aharon

In Your Element with Lisa Aharon

In Your Element is a photo series and open dialogue with experts, community and thought leaders that truly practice what they preach.

This month we sat down with beauty gurus to talk about clean beauty and get tips on how to transition to a toxic-free regiment. First up, Lisa Aharon, an NYC-based makeup artist, mama, and health coach.

When did you begin to incorporate clean beauty into your daily routine?

I’ve been drawn to essential oils and DIY skincare/hair care for a long time now. Oatmeal baths, honey masks, lemon juice in the hair…I love all of it!  But I have to say that like many, I became more devoted once I fell pregnant, about 5 years ago. Even some face moisturizers would send me running to the bathroom feeling incredibly nauseous.  Along with my heightened sense of smell, I felt incredible guilt putting anything in or on my body that may be damaging to me or my baby.  

Are there any tools or guides you used when trying to adopt a clean beauty routine?

There’s a fantastic clean beauty app called “Think Dirty” that tells you on a scale of 1-10 how toxic a product is and why.  I promptly downloaded it and then the medicine cabinet edit began! I’ve got to say, I’m not 100% clean even now, but I’d call it a solid 85%. The 15% is made up of a few beauty items I can’t seem to live without. 

That’s a great app to use! At Ettitude we focus on all our products being Oeko Tex Certified, meaning there is no chemical residue on any of our products. Moving on, what rituals do you implement into your beauty routine, diet, and other sectors of your lifestyle?

My day always begins with some combination of probiotics, CBD, vitamins, tinctures and/or adaptogens.  This sounds like a lot but it’s not as overwhelming when you toss it all into a smoothie or green juice.  I try to maintain an organic/grass fed/seasonal diet and exercise regularly- which mostly entails reformer classes at Balanced Pilates and yoga at Skyting. I attempt to sleep at least 7 hours per night and get regular facials with Joanna Vargas . Stress has an incredibly damaging effect on our skin and bodies.


Are there people in your life or network that have impacted your interpretation of clean beauty?

My year studying health and wellness at IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) was a massive influence on me.  It was there that I got certification as a health coach and solidified my belief that inner and outer health are equally important.


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How do you feel your new beauty routine is making an impact on our planet?

As far as respecting the environment, I try to do my part by supporting brands that use all-natural, fair trade, raw, organic, GMO-free ingredients and responsible packaging.  Living libations, Herbivore, Tata Harper, Osea and True Botanicals are essential brands for me personally and in my kit.  

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  • This is awesome helpful information. I love the new App and want to try to live cleaner for my body too.

  • Excellent article! The first thing I did was download the Think Dirty app that Lisa references. Tonight I’ll be inventory ingredients!

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