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7 Ways to reuse your morning caffeine

7 Ways to reuse your morning caffeine

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From a morning pick-me-up to an environmentally friendly power source, the left over coffee grounds from your regular cup of joe has more potential than the energy boost it gives you to start your day. Here are seven eco-friendly tips on putting your coffee grounds to good use at home.


#1 – Plant Fertiliser

  • Sprinkle some of your used coffee grounds around the base of your plants before mixing them into the soil. Coffee grounds can also be sprinkled directly on the lawn to help maintain moisture and improve nutrient content in your soil.


#2 – Natural pesticide

  • Placing a ring of used coffee grounds around plants can discourage some garden pests, such as slugs, snails and ants. If neighbourhood cats are a problem, combining used coffee grounds with orange peels will help deter unwelcome felines.


#3 – Scourer

  • Used coffee grounds can be used as scourer for greasy pots and pans simply by placing a few teaspoons of the grounds on a thin cleaning rag, which can then be used to scour away grease. Rinse thoroughly after scouring, and repeat if necessary.


#4 – Air Freshener

  • Dry some used coffee grounds thoroughly before stuffing into and old stocking, then tie off the ends. These can be used in cupboards / fridges to remove unpleasant odours. Alternatively, dried used grounds can also be placed in a container with the lid open before being placed in small enclosed areas.


#5 – Remove strong odours

  • Rubbing a scoop of used coffee grounds between your palms can help to eliminate strong smells such as those of garlic and fish.


#6 – Exfoliant

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  • Used coffee grounds can also be used to remove dead skin on your hands and face. First, mix grounds with milk to form a paste, and then apply the paste to your hands / face. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing for a smoother complexion. Alternatively, coffee grounds can also be mixed with coconut oil to be used as a massage oil for your body. Likewise, leave the oil on for 10 minutes before showering to help exfoliate skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite after consistent continued use.


#7 – Touch up furniture

  • If you spot a new scratch in your beloved mahogany furniture, don’t fret. Just soak some of your used coffee grounds in a small amount of hot water for a short period of time, and use the liquid as a dye to hide the scratch by dipping a cotton swab into the steeped grounds, and dabbing on the scratch until the desired outcome is achieved. Do note that the amount of water used will determine how dark the stain will be.


What else do you use your coffee grounds for? Tell us here.

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