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5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Using Bedsheets

5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Using Bedsheets

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It’s almost that time of the year when we all get a little spooky and channel our inner ghost, zombie or monster to celebrate the scariest day of the year, Halloween!

Let’s be honest, coming up with a killer costume can be a little stressful! Not to mention expensive. We want to look our best, in something original that won’t break the bank.

Why not turn to some of your household items to create your own spooky ensemble. No one will ever know!

We have two words, Bed Sheets! Yes, we’ve all got plenty of this versatile resource laying around. Why not recycle and help the environment! Here are some killer ideas.

#1 Toga:

What is more regal than an Egyptian God or Goddess? Your old sheets will require minimum changes also making this a great last minute go to! There are many online tutorials such as this one which shows you how to twist and fasten your sheet just right to get the look. Just add an olive leaf crown and some gold accessories and we can start calling you Zeus or Aphrodite.

#2 Super Hero:

Nobody will want to mess with you when you have your customised super hero cape! There are even some no sewing tutorials online, just use bedsheets as the material! Here are some great ideas on Pinterest.  Get creative with paint, dyes and stick-on patches too! You’ll be ready to take on any bad guy.

#3 Ghost: 

Alright alright sure, not that original but we had to include this classic! Be creative with you ghoulish look. Paint or stain a white or different colour sheet with some red or grey paint to create the illusion of blood or transparent floating ghost. This old school look will have you realising you can beat a classic.

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#4 Mummy:

Return from the dead in this creepy look. All you need to do it start ripping your bed sheets in long strips. To make it easier to start the rip sip with scissors first the sheet should rip easily.  Next, sew the rips onto basic white t-shirt and leggings in a pattern you like. Neat or messy, be the mummy you want! You can check out this blog post on exactly how to do it!

#5 Angel:

Whether you’re an angel in real life or just pretending to be, why not be one for the night! It is very easy to create an angelic look out of an old white bed sheet as seen here. Simply drape the sheet over your head or get a friend to help you, cut a space where you’re head will go. Next, cut two holes either side of your waist to thread a ribbon through, add a halo and waa laa!

Whatever you choose to do for Halloween tag us in your Instagram posts and remember to #sleepwithettitude. For more spooky costume ideas check out our Pinterest board here.

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