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What is a flat sheet?

What is a flat sheet?

What is a flat sheet?

Every piece of your bedding has a purpose. Although, some of those purposes are clearer than others. For example, the flat sheet (also known as a top sheet) is an essential aspect of your bedding. But unfortunately, many people don’t use them because they think they don’t have a purpose or will get in the way. But the truth is that flat sheets have a purpose and are just as important as other types of bedding, such as your duvet and fitted sheet. But what is a flat sheet, and what are flat sheets used for? Let’s learn more about this type of sheet and why every bed should have one. 

The purpose of a flat sheet

 If you’ve never used a flat sheet before, you might wonder, “do you sleep under a flat sheet?” Flat sheets are used between your duvet or comforter and your body. When making your bed, the flat sheet goes between your fitted sheet and comforter and is typically used to provide an additional layer of comfort. They often come as parts of bedding sets with fitted sheets and pillowcases. Their main purpose is to be a protective, breathable layer between your body and the comforter. 

If you’ve ever tried to wash a fluffy comforter, you may realize how difficult it is; some duvets are too large for standard washing machines, while others require dry cleaning. Don’t want the hassle? Protect your comforter with a fitted sheet that keeps your natural body oils, dirt, and sweat from accumulating on the comforter. Less build-up means you can wash your comforter less often. 

But, what is a flat sheet used for? Here are a few ways you can use a flat sheet to enhance your sleep: 

  • Additional comfort layer: High-quality flat sheets can provide an extra comfort layer. For example, if your duvet isn’t as comfortable as it once was or has become scratchy or pilled, you can use a flat sheet to improve your comfort. Flat sheets are also ideal in colder climates as they can give you an additional layer on top of your body to maintain heat. 
  • Instead of a comforter: In the hot summer, a comforter might not be breathable enough to be comfortable. Instead of thick, fluffy blankets, you can use a flat sheet to stay cool. Tip: Use a flat sheet as your only covering during warm months to prevent getting too hot at night.
  • On top of the mattress: If you don’t have a fitted sheet, you can use a flat sheet on top of the mattress and tuck the corners underneath. 

Flat sheet vs. fitted sheet

When shopping for bamboo bed sheets, you might come across flat and fitted sheets. Both sheets typically come in bedding sets, but they serve different purposes. For example, flat sheets are meant to be used underneath the comforter or duvet and on your body while you sleep. They’re not fitted and act as protection for your comforter while adding a layer of luxury between your body and the comforter. 

Meanwhile, a fitted sheet is meant to be used directly on top of the mattress; it tucks under the sides and corners of the mattress to protect it from dirt and oils. 

Benefits of using a flat sheet

Making and unmaking your bed is part of your morning and bedtime routine. However, some people prefer to avoid adding a flat sheet to their beds because it requires extra work. Still, there are several benefits of using a flat sheet that make it worthwhile. The advantages of using a flat sheet include the following: 

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  • Keeps your comforter clean: One of the most popular uses of a flat sheet is to preserve your clean comforter. Since washing a duvet is a long process that may require you to go to a professional dry cleaner or laundromat, you’ll want to prolong the life of your comforter whenever possible. Flat sheets are easy to wash and allow you to add a protective layer between your body and the comforter to prevent it from becoming dirty. 
  • Temperature regulation: Flat sheets can easily regulate temperature to improve your sleep. While they’re thin, they form an additional warm layer around your body to regulate body heat on cold nights. In addition, if you get too warm, you can take your comforter off your bed and sleep with just the top sheet. 
  • Additional comfort: High-quality top sheets made from soft and durable materials might be more comfortable than your duvet alone. If your duvet has seen better days or doesn’t feel as soft and luxurious as it used to, adding a soft layer between your body and the duvet can provide additional comfort.

Drawbacks of using a flat sheet

If there are so many benefits to using flat sheets, why do so many people not use them? There are a few drawbacks of using a flat sheet, such as: 

  • Inconvenience: Top sheets are often considered an unnecessary inconvenience compared to other types of bedding. Making your bed in the morning can feel too much like a chore when you add an extra sheet. 
  • Drift easily: Flat sheets tend to drift around the bed easily, especially if you toss and turn at night. Flat sheets aren’t firmly tucked into your mattress, so they can scrunch to the end of the bed or fall off the mattress—potentially disrupting your sleep. 

Should you purchase a flat sheet?

Once you know how to use a flat sheet, you can start keeping your comforter clean while making your bed even more comfortable. While a top sheet isn’t necessary, it can prolong the cleanliness of your comforter and give you an extra layer of coziness that’s well worth the additional effort of making your bed in the morning. When looking for a flat sheet, there are a few things to consider, including the following:

  • Softness: Your flat sheet should promote a better night’s sleep. But, it can only do that if it’s soft and breathable. When shopping for a flat sheet, always consider the materials used and your personal preferences for what softness means to you. PSA: Our CleanBamboo® is softer than any fabric you’ve ever felt.
  • Durability: Flat sheets lay directly on top of your body, so you’ll want something durable that can stand up to your tossing and turning. With high-quality flat sheets, you don’t have to compromise durability for softness; instead, you can have the best of both worlds to ensure your flat sheet can withstand sweat, sleep, dirt, and bacteria. 
  • Price: Everyone has a different budget when shopping for sheets. But, there’s no reason to break the bank when looking for the perfect flat sheet. Of course, the more you’re willing to spend, the higher quality the sheet will be, but price should always play a factor in your decision.
  • Preferences: There are several types of materials to choose from when shopping for a flat sheet, but what you decide depends on your personal preferences. For example, if you’re a hot sleeper, you should look for a top sheet made from breathable materials (like bamboo)! Meanwhile, if you have allergies, try antimicrobial sheets that are resistant to dust and other allergens. 

Enhance your bedding with a bamboo flat sheet

Flat sheets can enhance your sleep quality by allowing you to slip under more comfortable layers, regulate your temperature, and sleep soundly knowing you’re protecting your comforter from dirt and oil build-up. ettitude’s bamboo sheets are designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Made from CleanBamboo, our sheets are antimicrobial, durable, and silky-soft to improve your sleep and keep your bed fresh and clean. Shop our collection of bamboo bed sheets today and try them for 30 nights risk-free.

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