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Vacay the right way: Top 5 beauty tips to stay fresh while travelling

Vacay the right way: Top 5 beauty tips to stay fresh while travelling

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The joys of travelling and experiencing different cultures and places are far and beyond. However, sometimes the journey, whether it be via car, plane, bus, train or hot air balloon can be a little uncomfortable and not ideal to get some shut eye!

We’ve gathered some top beauty tips for you to make your journey more relaxing and allow you to catch some zzz’s.

#1 Eye Mask

Have you ever travelled through the day but were desperately jet lagged and needed to get some shut eye? A quality eye mask will block out those rays or artificial light stopping you from sleeping. Darkness triggers your body to produce melatonin which is a hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

Since the mask is so close to the sensitive eye area the material and shape of the eye mask are all things to consider.  To maximise comfort and make sure that your skin is protected choose an eye mask of a high quality made from natural fibres such as Organic Bamboo Lyocell.

#2 Toiletry Survivals

Travel can cause havoc on your skin with the high altitude, sodium rich airplane food and air conditioner. As soon as you board, remove your make-up with a face wipe and pop on a rich moisturiser or hydrating face mask.  When you land, it will look like you came straight from your facialist!

#3 Eye Pillow

Ever used an eye pillow before? Let us tell you, they are magic! An eye pillow filled with dried organic lavender and wheat is the perfect item to help you feel drowsy and relaxed.  The smell of lavender just exudes sleep! The dreamy sent immediately calms the mind, slows the heart rate and decreases our blood pressure. This combination of lavender and wheat also aids in relieving stress, improving circulation and is a quick fix for puffy eyes.

#4 Pillow Case

Ever thought about using your own pillowcase while travelling?  It’s a great idea as you are already familiar, comfortable with it. Simply slip it onto your hotel or travel pillow and enjoy! You may not have access to washing facilities while you’re out of town so a pillowcase which is antimicrobial light weight and fast drying is a great option.

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#5 Stay Hydrated

We know, we know, hydration is so important but so much more so while travelling, especially if you’r travelling via plane. Try to avoid alcohol and sugary drinks as these dehydrate you. Instead, snack on water rich foods such as chia seeds and watermelon.  You’ll sleep better, feel better and look better once you’ve upped your water intake.

Bamboo Luxe Travel Kit

We’ve created a Travel Kit which includes all travel essentials, for your ease and comfort, The Bamboo Luxe Travel Kit. The kit includes an eye mask, an eye pillow filled with a removable lavender and wheat filled insert and your own standard sized pillowcase.  All products are made with 100% Organic Bamboo lyocell fabric which is silky smooth, feathery soft, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial conveniently packed in a reusable drawstring bag.

Bon voyage and sweet dreams!

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