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Sustainable Road Trip Guide

Sustainable Road Trip Guide

As countries around the world start to slowly ease restrictions, many people are eager to travel again. Research suggests that just the anticipation of a short vacation can increase our happiness.

With hesitation around flying, many will choose local short trips and old-fashioned road trips—and honestly, we’re here for it!  It’s a great way to discover the beauty of your home country and show appreciation for the beauty of nature in our own backyards.  

While staying mindful and respectful of this current global situation, here’s our list of 10 sustainable travel tips for your next road trip.


1. Plan ahead. Before taking off for a long-weekend, be sure to do your research, including planning your route and checking local council restrictions.

2. Remember to hydrate and bring nutritious snacks. Pack your favorite healthy snacks to stay nourished on the road.  Don’t forget to pack your reusable gear including a reusable straw, reusable water bottle, portable cutlery set and cooler.  

3. Practice personal hygiene.  During any long road trip, a bathroom break is inevitable—so plan ahead and make sure to clean your hands with soap or hand sanitizer thoroughly. You might even consider bringing your own eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper, such as Reel. Use a face covering or face mask in public to protect others.

4. Prioritize self-care even while on the road. While on vacation it’s important to keep our bodies and minds in balance. Make sure to pack the items that you need to stay healthy, happy and cozy—like your favorite book, yoga mat and neck pillow. Bring the comfort of home with you with our road trip-ready travel sheets and wellness kits.

5. Support local and independent businesses. Fill in the gaps left by international travellers by eating at a family-owned restaurant, shopping from independent artisans or joining local tours (always following local guidelines of course). 

6.Choose eco-friendly accommodations. Many hotels stop offering single-use plastic toiletries and encourage guests to reuse bedding and towels. Camping is a great green alternative if you are up for the outdoors.    

7. Go to places where social distancing comes naturally. Think places with no elevators, no crowded streets and no lines. Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking and canoeing are perfect for small groups and are a great way to get some fresh air. 

8. Slow down and embrace nature with gratitude. Take a walk through the woods, watch the sunrise or listen to the birds chirp.  Slowing down and reconnecting with the natural rhythms of our planet can bring a sense of tranquility and help restore happiness and a fresh perspective.  

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9. Give the popular destinations a breather. Skip the instagrammable spots and discover the hidden gems of your neighborhood.

10. Clean up after yourself, take the trash with you. Whether you are on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or in the city, if you don’t see a garbage bin, collect and dispose of your waste later. If you are camping, be mindful of how you leave the site and picnic area for the benefit of our planet and our people.


By showing appreciation to ourselves, others and the planet through slow travel and local adventures, we hope you will feel more connected, optimistic and happier. 

Have you started to make travel plans? What other eco-friendly road trip tips do you have? Let us know by leaving a comment below.  

Safe and happy travels!  

Download this handy guide for your next road trip!
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