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How to Wear Pj’s as Daywear and Look Chic

How to Wear Pj’s as Daywear and Look Chic

There is no greater comfort than lounging around the house in your favourite Pj’s  day.

There comes a time however when we eventually need to get dressed, leave our sanctuary and start adulting.

What if you don’t have to get dressed though? What if you can look chic and stylish while wearing your Pj’s?

You can! By sticking to some easy to execute styling tips you too can be just like the celebrities, IT girls and models who have been embracing this trend ever since Coco Chanel made loungewear socially acceptable in the 1920’s.

1. Team with a jacket.

Nothing can create a more sophisticated look more than a cool jacket. Be it classic black, tweed, or furry like @eloisejaksic is rocking in the above image, featuring our Cloud Pink Pyjama Set. You can team your jacket with the Pj pants, a white T shirt and the jacket and you can go from work to cocktails no sweat.

2. Make it your own.

Create a lived in look by add your own individual twist on it. Roll up the sleeves, casually tuck the front of the shirt into the pants or wear the top with ripped jeans or a black leather skirt.

3. Head to toe Pj’s need height.

Not all of us are blessed with height and sometimes when wearing the full Pj look it can become a bit overpowering. Raise yourself up and pop on a pair of heels. This automatically transforms this look into more brunch than bedtime.

4. Go for silky fabrics.

Let’s be honest, the full cotton or flannel Pj’s look is very difficult to pull off. If you’re
wanting to rock the Sleepwear as Daywear trend we strongly suggest going for a
more silky fabric. This emulates silk shirts and pants and is easier to pull

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5. Mix colours, textures and patterns.

To make your look more unique mix either the top or the bottom of the Pj set with a favourite key piece from your wardrobe to add dimension to your look. This could mean wearing the Pj Pants with a linen top or mixing the Pj Top with a floral shirt. The options are endless.

Last but not least, make it fun and don’t take yourself too seriously, as cheesy as it sounds, your best accessory really is your smile.

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