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Leveling up breakfast in bed

Leveling up breakfast in bed

 Expert advice from the creators of Chicago’s longest-running brunch blog

ettitude knows how to brunch—it is practically the only thing that gets us out of our silky-soft sheets on the weekends. But we’ll be honest, the hallmark meal of our week just hasn’t been the same at home. In order to level up our brunch game AND have another reason to stay under our CleanBamboo™ lyocell sheets, we chatted with Jessica Berson, one of the creators behind Chicago’s longest-running brunch blog Bunny and Brandy.

Q: First things first, are you making brunch or having it delivered?

A: A combination of both. I live in between two fantastic bakeries, so I have been getting more complicated pastries from them to augment my own brunch creations. Basically, I let them take care of the sweets, and I take care of the savory.


Q: Ah, that is awesome. You are supporting local restaurants and getting creative in the kitchen. For those of us who might not be Julia Child, what are the best and worst things to get delivered?

A: Poached egg dishes are a little too delicate for an extended journey home, so stick to fried or scrambled eggs. Potato dishes like a hash reheat really well, so I usually order them even if I don’t intend to eat right away. If you’re getting sweets like pancakes or French toast, make sure to get all the toppings on the side so they don’t go soggy.

Q: Now, for the aspiring at-home chefs, what is your go-to breakfast in bed creation? 

A: For sweets, I love making Ina Pickney’s Heavenly Hots. They are so easy to make and unique at the same time. 

For savories, I love making breakfast sandwiches with whatever I have on hand (bagels, croissants, English muffins, eggs, bacon, cheese, veggies, etc.). They’re filling for one person, or you can make a bunch with different flavor combos and cut them up for a family meal.

Q: Speaking of cooking, is their a breakfast centric cooking gadget or utensil you can’t live without?

A: I totally adore my Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. Do I need it to make a good sandwich? No. But it’s so dang satisfying to use! I’m also loving using my sous vide to make perfectly cooked eggs.



Q:  We all know eating in bed is tricky. White sheets, messy humans and all that. Got any great tips for keeping the meal spill-proof? 

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I love my KeepCup Brew for having coffee or tea in bed! It comes with a lid and a stopper, so I never have to worry about spilling. I also highly recommend a tray with a cup holder and a plush base for ultimate comfort.

Q: KeepCup is from Australia and so are we. How perfect. It is truly the little things that count. What little details truly make this experience of eating breakfast in bed luxurious?

Elevating any meal is all in the plating. 

  • Give your plate a little swipe of sauce. 
  • Drop an edible flower into your cocktail. 
  • Put a little spring of herbs on your eggs. 
  • Ditch the paper towels and grab some linen napkins. Save the earth and feel F-A-N-C-Y.

Also, if you’re really missing a certain dish from a favorite restaurant, see if you can find a recipe for it (or better yet, ask the restaurant/chef for the recipe via social media) and challenge yourself to recreate it at home!

Q: Linen Napkins! This makes our eco-hearts very happy at ettitude. And lastly, and possibly most importantly, if you could choose anyone to make you breakfast in bed, who would it be?

A: Domanique Ansel. If I could just get a continuous stream of his whimsical pastries brought to my bedside, I’d not need anything else in life!

Thank you so much for your suggestions, Jessica. In the end, it is really about elevated comfort. Put on your favorite ettitude PJs and a bossa nova playlist and plate it up. We also recommend inviting some friends to join you via Skype or Zoom, because breakfast in bed is always better with company. Now you can have your brunch and stay in your eco-friendly bed too.


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