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How to style a bed like a professional in 4 steps

How to style a bed like a professional in 4 steps

How to effortlessly style your bed like a professional

Styling your bed can help it match your overall aesthetic while making your sleep sanctuary that much cozier. You spend a third of your life asleep, so it’s only natural to want a comfortable and inviting bed to help you drift off at night. Learning how to style a bed won’t only enhance your own room to make your bed more inviting—it will also impress your friends and loved ones who stay in your guest bedroom. Warning: They’ll want to come back to stay again and again.

When learning how to dress a bed, you need the bedding essentials: sheets, a duvet or comforter, and pillow shams. Remember, the higher quality of your bedding, the more stylish and inviting your bed will look. Ready to start styling your bed? Keep reading for step-by-step instructions and tips.

  • What is bed styling?
  • How to style a bed
  • Tips for dressing your bed like a professional
  • Bed styling: FAQs
  • Layer your bed with ettitude

What is bed styling?

Bed styling makes your bed more inviting to improve sleep and revitalize the vibe of your space. You can refresh a guest bedroom or your bedroom so that your bedding matches your aesthetic and makes your bed cozier and inviting for when it’s time to hit the sheets. Bed styling consists of layering and using the right linen, including textures and colors, to make a bed stand out as the room’s focal point. 

How to style a bed

When styling a bed, keep in mind your aesthetic and what you want your bed to feel like when you crawl under the sheets at night. Wondering how to style your bed like a professional? Here are a few steps to help you get started. 

1. Create your foundation

Your foundation consists of mattress protectors, toppers, and sheets. Of course, the higher the quality of the bedding, the more comfortable your bed will be. We recommend bamboo sheets that are luxuriously soft and wick away moisture if you tend to sweat while you sleep. There’s no feeling more luxurious than bamboo bedding, which is why it’s an excellent foundation for your bed styling. You can choose any color sheets you want, but ensure they match your general aesthetic and any furniture and decor in the room. 

2. Use a duvet

Once you have your foundation layer done, it’s time to think about the blankets and covers you want to use on top of the mattress. These will be the layers you sleep under which can affect your body temperature while you sleep, so choose carefully. Layers are essential during the cold winter, so you may choose a duvet with blankets. Depending on the season and your personal preferences, you can also use a comforter. 

3. Add pillows and shams

How many different pillows do you need? It depends on what you want your bed to look like and if you’re willing to layer it up every morning. 

Pillows are an essential part of your bed; without them, you wouldn’t have the support you need for your neck. You can use a few different pillows to layer your bed, including sleeping, body, and decorative pillows. Of course, you should also have shams and pillowcases. 

Pillowcases are for the pillows you sleep on. Whereas shams are for more decorative purposes. For an ultra-cozy look, you should keep your sleeping pillows on the bottom and pillows with shams on top with throw cushions. 

Tip: Use pillows of various sizes to add shape and texture.

4. Incorporate throws and quilts

Quilts and throws can accent your bed while giving an extra luxe layer of comfort and warmth. You can fold your quilt and keep it at the end of your bed or layer it with different blankets to keep yourself warm at night. 

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Tips for dressing your bed like a professional

Styling your bed doesn’t only make you more comfortable; it makes your bed and bedroom a more relaxing, rejuvenating environment. Here are a few bed styling ideas: 

  • Use quality bedding: Premium, high-end bedding is crucial for your sleep. If you use scratchy bedding that’s uncomfortable or too warm, you won’t get a quality night’s sleep. Plus, low-quality fabrics can make your bed look uninviting. 
  • Remove wrinkles: Wrinkles can make your bed look less professional. Many fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, and buying the right size bedding will keep your sheets taut and crisp around the corners of the mattress. You can avoid creases by putting your freshly washed bed sheet in the dryer immediately after washing. Or immediately hand out your sheets to air dry for a crease-free look.
  • Use bedding that complements the room: Your bedroom colors should make you feel relaxed and ready to rest. Your bed should complement your existing design aesthetic to make the entire room even more inviting. Sheets, duvets, and pillow shams come in various colors and designs to help you match your unique vibe. 

Bed styling: FAQs

How do I make my bed more inviting?

Styling your bed with high-quality bedding is the best and easiest way to make your bed more inviting. You can make your bed more comfortable and inviting by using silky soft sheets, comforters, and duvets. When shopping for bedding, always consider whether you’re a hot sleeper. If you sleep hot, look for breathable fabrics like bamboo to wick away moisture and let your body heat escape while you sleep. 

Can styling my bed make it look luxurious?

Styling a bed will make it look more luxurious for a truly revitalizing and restorative sleep sanctuary. With the right materials and style, you can make a boring bed look ultra luxe and inviting. Plus, refreshing your bedding with fabrics like bamboo is proven to help you sleep better a night. 

What products do I need to build my dream bed?

To dress your bed, you need the basics, such as:

  • Fitted sheets
  • Flat sheets
  • Duvet or comforter
  • Pillows and shams
  • Quilts

Layer your bed with ettitude 

Styling your bed elevates the overall coziness of your space to help you fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. With the right bedding, you can enhance your sleep and well-being. Shop ettitude’s collection of soft bamboo bedding with added health benefits that help you stay cool and comfy while you sleep.

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